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Nine mass shootings happened in the US this week. You probably heard about just one of them.

On Wednesday (June 14), James T. Hodgkinson opened fire on a group of Republican members of Congress and their staff, injuring five people including House majority whip Steve Scalise. 512 more words

Explore Where You Live.

When you travel, it is not just the sights that you take in, but the sounds, smells and tastes of a place. I will forever remember the smells of the Market in Charleston, the sounds of the call to prayer in Cairo and the tastes of Italy which seem to hang permanently in the air. 353 more words


Yoga, Mountain Biking and Nutrition.

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked by my friend and fellow shredder, Lisa Gifford Mueller of ALM Photography to participate in the Trek Women’s Advocate/Cedar Bluff Cycle event, Women’s Night: Fitness, Injury Prevention and Nutrition… 1,170 more words


The US states that rely the most on trade with China

Chinese president Xi Jinping’s visit to the US for a summit with president Donald Trump comes amidst tense times for free traders.

Trump’s bellicose talk… 467 more words

Airbnb is helping people devastated by the Tennessee wildfire find free places to stay

As wildfires that have already killed four sweep across Tennessee, Airbnb is helping thousands affected find homes, free of charge.

Airbnb said today that it had activated its disaster response tool, Urgent Accommodations, in areas devastated by the fires. 330 more words

Police are investigating a bizarre wave of reports of creepy clowns scaring people around the US

There have been reports since this summer from around the US of people dressed in clown costumes yielding weapons and trying to lure children. They struck in South Carolina in late August, where authorities were on high alert after some children said clowns were trying to lure them into the woods. 421 more words

when your dog...

when your puppy climbs into your lap at 6 weeks old and trembles 45 minutes to Petsmart for food, dog bowls and a collar in your Volkswagen beetle. 2,353 more words