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Police are investigating a bizarre wave of reports of creepy clowns scaring people around the US

There have been reports since this summer from around the US of people dressed in clown costumes yielding weapons and trying to lure children. They struck in South Carolina in late August, where authorities were on high alert after some children said clowns were trying to lure them into the woods. 421 more words

when your dog...

when your puppy climbs into your lap at 6 weeks old and trembles 45 minutes to Petsmart for food, dog bowls and a collar in your Volkswagen beetle. 2,353 more words


72 hours in Nashville - Cinco de Mayo - Franklin

On our way to Louisville for the Kentucky Derby, we spent three nights in Nashville before and after the trip. It was easier for us to fly into Nashville and we both love the city so it didn’t take much to be convinced to spend an extra few days there. 2,075 more words


No. 3045, Grundy County, TN

Photos of Grundy County, TN, which is ranked by the New York Times among the hundred hardest places to live in the United States.


Tennessee is poised to make the Bible its official state book

The raccoon and the mockingbird may soon have a new friend in Tennessee state history: the Bible.

The US state is proposing to make the Bible its official book, alongside other symbols like Tennessee’s official fruit (tomato), cultivated flower (iris), bird (mockingbird) and wild animal (raccoon). 310 more words