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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof: The Mendacity Of Mankind


Do you have any secrets? Is there anything you’ve been meaning to get off your chest? Already beginning with cliches and odd questions, I know. 1,099 more words

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Great Men Think Alike

The paint on the metal railing is peeling. I look past it, over the revolving-bed hotels, by-the-week tenements, abandoned shipping terminals, to the sea.

Calm today, the gray water fades into a hazy, blurred horizon, signaling an overcast morning marked by the unbearable heat and humidity of midsummer. 130 more words

Flash Fiction

When your best is never enough

I’m a university student, majoring in English Literature, wishing I’d just quit while I was ahead…

I loved uni previous year, it was hard enough to challenge, but not hard enough to make me want to rip my hair out. 175 more words


Keep Calm and Read On

After last night, I feel like I’ve just attended a marathon funeral for what it means to be upstanding and decent in this world. It begs me to ask the question what happens when we live in times that seemingly make less and less sense. 132 more words


Tennessee Williams

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks. — Tennessee Williams, Camino Real. (New Directions; 1 edition January 17, 1970) Originally published 1948.



Dailies 11/3/16: Orpheus, a Psalm, & mimeographs

Orpheus: the Fugitive Kind – Marjorie Maddox

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I. Descending

Birds the color of sky flap their notes of freedom,

Accompany your only companion of string-sung love… 97 more words

It's Terrific Quote Day ~ November 2, 2016


“The most important kind of freedom is to be what you really are. You trade in your reality for a role. 125 more words