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#1409 - My Friday and Saturday Story


Friday Story

I went out with my friends on Friday evening after work and we decided to have dinner at a Thai restaurant in the centrum. 1,326 more words

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#1402 - My First Ever Tennis Tournament


In one of my previous posts, I said that the story of my Sunday deserved its own post. And here it is. Why did it so btw? 1,014 more words

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#1348 - An Impulsive Visit to the ABN Amro WTT


Note: WTT stands for World Tennis Tournament.


What is my impulsive decision of the week? Well, it has to be watching the ABN Amro World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam on Wednesday evening, huahaha :lol: . 1,578 more words

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#1258 - Busy Week


Busy Week

Somehow, this week has kinda been a busy week for me. So that is why I am a little bit behind on blogging and blog-walking, huahaha :lol: . 897 more words

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How do I get more matches?

I just talked to a friend of mine who recently joined the Tennis Round. He said the site looked great, but he didn’t get any matches. 404 more words

Schedule Matches With Tennis Players

How Roger Federer will perform in Upcoming Tennis Tournaments

This year, Roger Federer turns 32. Despite all the hard work that he is putting into his fitness, age is going to soon catch up with him. 291 more words

#1208 - A Rare Treat


Yesterday was such a good day for me. I got a good news in the morning (but I will keep this for the next post (so I have more materials to write down here :mrgreen: )) and I got a rare treat in the evening. 741 more words