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Daily Divulge: One Story Down

I just barely eked out my word count today. 1002 words. I had to do a little scrambling, because I “finished” the short story needing about 100 more words, and didn’t feel like starting a new one for such a paltry count. 52 more words


Day 37 - Emotions cont...

Lisa stops speaking, her body tenses and she can feel a heaviness in her belly, and surprisingly to her in her heart.  “I think” she pauses, looks at Genevieve and feels her shoulders relax a little, ‘no, I feel, like…” she looks out the window. 220 more words

Developing a Genuinely Tense and Scary Scene

A few weeks ago, I woke up from a dream – more like a nightmare – frozen in place, unable to move from the fear it had evoked. 1,005 more words

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The Ledge

Once in a landslide
I came to the edge
two steps away
from the fall

Carefully balanced
as if on trapeze
I prayed for
the crumble… 83 more words