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DIY Activity Board

When I started researching ideas to help my daughter learn what she needed to know for Kindergarten I came across a lot of ideas for creating an Activity board that would include weekly letters, numbers, and calendars. 261 more words


Week 7, Day 47 – Passion and Promotion

The Prospero’s life is coming along nicely, Pawel is now an adult and Rosabelle will join him soon. The kids are progressing well in school, now it is time for some work promotions. 697 more words

Rosebud Challenge

Week 7, Day 46 – Pawel’s Birthday

Welcome Back to the Prospero Rosebud Legacy 

 Today is a very important day, it is Pawel’s Adult birthday! The family is planing a quiet at home celebration and are excited for the big day! 608 more words

Rosebud Challenge

Tough, rough, enough

Tough for the mind, rough for the body and enough until you decide to put an end to it.

Tension, stress, you name it. Those bad things. 106 more words

Flirting with TAM: Part 3 (Getting rid of tense!)

So I just finished the aspectual distinctions for my conlang, and now I’m moving on to tense. But I’m starting to think it might be a little redundant to have the verb inflect for tense as well (but, as my college linguistics professors said, all speech acts are ambiguous and redundant, so maybe that’s a good thing!). 191 more words


Past continuous

Il past continuous si utilizza per indicare un’azione nel passato e allo stesso tempo quando si vuole descrivere un momento (relativo, può essere breve o lungo) nella cornice (frame) in cui si è svolta l’azione. 227 more words