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How to Save a Meeting That’s Gotten Tense

(Source: hbr.org)

Sometimes meetings go off the rails. Conflict that’s brewing under the surface bubbles up and people actively and forcefully disagree or they shout over one another. 1,645 more words

Money Matters

Interactive Google Slides as Hyperdoc

Recently Kristine Keefe wrote a guest blog on Maris Hawkin’s site about the amazing uses of Google in the classroom. It really got me excited about the possibilities with assessments and different visual activities that are possible by integrating Google Drawings and Google Slides into the classroom. 284 more words

Web Tools Or Apps

It seemed pointless to think of a title...

It hit 1 am and still, there I was, just sitting there. Staring at my laptop, flittering through my newsfeed on Facebook, idly switching tabs, Googling this and that and the next thing. 1,517 more words


Too Many Choices

I’ve been working on the novel “In Mourning” for several years now. It’s finally coming together (I’m over 82k and it will likely end up between 100-110k when it’s complete). 2,393 more words

Writing Process


Body warning light signals

over extension

Senses tire,

engagement wanes, 15 more words


Future Tense (ভবিষ্যত কাল)

    Future Indefinite Tense:

Future indefinite tense is used when an action will be done or will happen in future.

ভবিষ্যতে কোন কাজ ঘটবে এরূপ বোঝালে Future indefinite tense হয়। 313 more words


Past Tense (অতীত কাল)

Past Indefinite Tense:

Past Indefinite Tense is used to denote an action completed in the past or a past habit and result is not present anymore  329 more words