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Verbal gerbil grammar drama

The verbal gerbils escope just now,

They brokened their cage with BLAM and KAPOW!

Soon they’ll overrunnify the whole town,

Crushilate the signs deemed to make them frown. 188 more words

Peopley Story

Which one is the most suitable form?

Who ____ the aeroplane?
A. has invented
B. invents
C. is invented
D. invented


Choose a word that best completes a sentence

I turned round to find a man _____ a knife at me.
A) point
B) pointed
C) pointing
D) points


Choose a word that best completes a sentence

John is one of those designers who_____very creative despi*** the pressure of deadlines.
A) has
B) are
C) is
D) have


Yo cantaba

Over the last week or so I’ve been learning about the two simple past tenses in Spanish. Well, it’s been the imperfect tense, mostly, but I’ve also had a quick look at the preterite, just to get some idea of how the two past tenses are used. 292 more words


More on being tense

In a previous posting, I noted the fact that I was still as tense as I used to be. After a posting, I usually feel better for venting and unloading. 323 more words


Point of View (How Not To Write A Novel)

Your Guide On Not Writing The Worst Novel In The Entire Known Universe

Writing a novel is a daunting task when you’re a novice writer. In the beginning, you’re looking ahead to the final act of publishing, anxious to have your story read by people everywhere.

333 more words