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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

This week I have needed to kick stress into touch a bit. My sleeping is still a bit disrupted, I’m often on my own during the day (something I’ve never excelled at) and there’s a few tests and interviews looming. 1,473 more words


Out by Natsuo Kirino




It’s what our protagonists — four women working the nightshift at a boxed lunch factory — seek most. Not an escape from the extraordinary circumstances they eventually find themselves in, but the merciless daily grind. 307 more words


Point Of View and Tense

Last year I wrote two separate pieces on Point of View and Tense and how they helped characterize the tone of a story. Today I’m reworking those posts into a singular article. 2,782 more words

It's Not Time To Make A Change

Tyson finally decided to reconcile with his father on a neutral ground: Dinner with his father and his new wife at a restaurant.

So he would not have to endure this challenge alone, Tyson invited me to tag along for moral support. 1,071 more words

Belle's Relationships

Choosing tense and viewpoint

I have been writing The Scottish Exiles for almost 4 years. Much of this time has been spent fiddling with tense and viewpoint, Cmd F and Replace being my tools of choice. 501 more words

Narrative Viewpoint

I feel tense. My muscles hurt and are so tightly wound. Is it because America makes me nervous? Is it because everything in the world is so crazy? How do I know.


"Trust me" he says, but when the court revealed the truth, could he really be trusted after all? Is he the guilty one?

Apple Tree Yard has really turned it up a notch and the truth about him is finally being revealed. How is Mark Liam Costley and can Yvonne really trust him? 668 more words