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On Choosing POV and Tense

So I’ve written stories in pretty much every point of view.  First, third, and (the dreaded) second.  Honestly, though, are there ANY writers who’ve written only one POV their entire writing lives??   538 more words


Fruit in season

The righteous man is compared to a tree that YIELDS ITS FRUIT IN SEASON. That means when you expect a response from him in a desperate moment, you can be sure he will respond. 73 more words


Tense Final Part

Final Part

Future Indefinite Tense:

Future indefinite tense is used when an action will be done or will happen in future.
ভবিষ্যতে কোন কাজ ঘটবে এরূপ বোঝালে Future indefinite tense… 313 more words


Tense- Part-05


Part 05

Past Indefinite Tense:
Past Indefinite Tense is used to denote an action completed in the past or a past habit and result is not lasted. 330 more words


Tens Part-04


Part 04

Present Perfect Tense:

Present perfect tense is used when the work has been done but its effect lasts.
কোন কাজ শেষ হয়েছে অথচ তার ফল এখনও বর্তমান আছে (অপ্রকাশিত), এরূপ বোঝালে Present perfect tense হয়। 198 more words


Flipped Learning: Present Perfect Tense

Here is a short lesson I recorded a year ago for students hoping to better understand the Present Perfect Tense, including the terms, ‘never’, ‘ever’, ‘just’, ‘already’, ‘yet’, ‘for’ and ‘since’.

I hope it’s useful !