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Do You Automatically Clench/Tense Up?

I am wondering if anyone else has a sort of….tension placer behavior. Whenever I do a body-scan (an exercise to be more mindful and get back “in my body”), I find that I ll have 1-to-many muscles completely tensed. 67 more words


A subtle masterpiece of an exposé cinema

This film is proof, were it truly needed, that to invoke emotion from a viewer you do not needed to forcibly bulldoze them emotionally. 682 more words

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Tense While Sleeping?

i have a major problem with relaxing. I ve recently realised just how tense I am, and how it s affecting my health. I have problems with my back, shoulders and arms, not to mention digestive issues and so on. 67 more words

The Need-To Read (2016)

To read the tense-
Simply called current events.


Past tense versus present tense (tip 56)

Any sensible person would probably accept that the past tense and the present tense are equally good and which is best will depend on the piece of writing and the author. 530 more words

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