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Day 1 On the Job and In a Tent

On Sunday I decamped to the tiny town of Almo, Idaho, where I’m working as a Park Interpreter at City of Rocks National Park.

I’m not interpreting in the sense people usually think of the word–rather than interpreting languages, I’m interpreting history. 699 more words


Getting Ready for Community Camp

Good Morning,

I am very much into Girl Scouts.  I am leader of a multi-level troop with 5th, 6th and 7th graders.  Each spring our small Service Unit hosts a Service Unit Camp also called a Community Camp.  658 more words


Cleaning Up My Yard


Good Morning Fellow Campers and Outdoors People,

In case you did not read my first post, I will re-introduce myself.  I am a woman in her mid 60’s, single, yes divorced and happy.  430 more words


Introductions Please

Good Morning, this is Ann.  I will be using Camper Annie as my on-line name.  I spent 15 years with the Alvarado Boy Scout troop 217 and learned how to tent camp in nature.  478 more words


Tenter Trash Tragedy

I went out for a walk a couple of days ago. (Yes, I do walk occasionally.) I went by a campsite that had until recently been occupied by a tenter for at least as long as I’ve been here. 192 more words

Daily Life

What Kind of Crystal Crane Traveler Are You?

There’s a distinct difference between first timers and seasoned visitors of Crystal Crane Hot Spring and Resort: seasoned travels are found leisurely soaking in the public pond during the wee hours of the morning, doing the backstroke through water like they are the king of the high desert, while newcomers hesitate to dip in their toes. 690 more words

Our Accomodations

Weekend Fun: Camping and Easter Edition

I had an awesome weekend: beach camping and Easter!

The beach! Gorgeous and sunny! But also so, so cold because it’s Northern(ish) California.

This is how I found my friend Amelia when our car got to the campsite. 283 more words