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Deal 621: Sudden Tent

Jane had walked down this street countless times on errands, and had never noticed the strange little tent in the vacant lot. To be fair, she had never noticed the vacant lot at all, with or without a tent. 240 more words

Daily Deal

A - Z Challenge Day 25

Here is my second post for today. Two down, one to go!

This prompt comes again from the very helpful Viki, and the word is “YURT”. 830 more words

The Dying of the Light

A tent shines bright under a dark hill at night in Kashmir.


Good morning!

I woke up to a gorgeous sunny day and a guilty feeling that I’d just spent the last of my money on a new bike. And had taken so long to sort that I hadn’t wanted to visit the camp at the end of a rushed day. 424 more words

Nearly there..

The bus there is a twisty road winding its way around the forresty mountains, now again opening up to immense Canadian scenery, and then turning away again, towered over by ancient trees. 123 more words

Camping and Kids

When I was a kid, we camped a lot. I have done it enough times to know the basics and I’ll be honest here, it’s not really my thing. 879 more words

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