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Friday, the 13th.... ooooo

I love Friday.  It is even better when it falls on the 13th.  This year I am extra happy because there are three Friday’s that will fall on the 13th. 118 more words


I’m the kid that doesn’t do work in Group Projects


So yeah, it’s me; you know the one that everyone hates. I dunno, I guess you guys really wanted to get into my head since you all are always talking about me every time I get stuck with any of during a group project. 621 more words


The Mother of All Icicles

She’s got a long reach!

There is really nothing more unattractive than the sight of a young woman displaying a repulsive amount of arm. ― Caroline Blackwood


WYSBMB #2: Dear Humberto...

Yo Beto!

Sup, dude. Haven’t seen you in a minute. Heard you’re back in the hood. Must be tough staying with your mom tho, with all that nagging and shit. 248 more words



“No rest for the weary.” she said quietly Alexis sighed and rubbed the bridge of her nose in a vain attempt to rub some of the tiredness out of her system. 2,778 more words


Japan's Ice Cream Cones As Big As My Head

I thought we slept past my alarm because it was so bright in the room. I went to my phone and it was only five-something, so yeah, Japan is clearly higher than Denver. 752 more words

Kitschies Awards shortlists

It’s time for the Kitschies Awards shortlists  – always a highlight in my reading year. I’m very much looking forward to working my way through the lists. 215 more words