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Lust from Beneath Sea

Here it is! The third part in the “Lust from Beneath the Sea” series! An erotica, polyamorous, tentacle romance! This one takes our heroine to the bottom of the ocean to experience love and life from an entirely new perspective! 362 more words

That’s a wrap for inktober 2017! You can also follow me on instagram @_automaton for more frequent updates and works in progress.

“As Hector chanted the last of those blasphemous words, the empty space before me shimmered and twisted, then seemed to ‘tear open’ into a hole that was neither light nor darkness, flickering with a thousand colours yet no colour at all. 100 more words


Barnaby in Love

As soon as you heard about his alleged affair, the image formed in your mind, intrusive, unbidden. Barnaby Joyce having sex. Now, I don’t know about your imagination, but in mine it wasn’t pretty. 529 more words

International dignitaries love it: the “handshake-disinfecting tentacle noodle arm” is the next evolution of the handshake.


In the Western custom known as “the handshake,” two individuals greet each other by smooshing their hands together, transmitting every disease (Figure 1).

Additionally, this custom can serve as a mini-battle between people with differing ideas of handshake firmness. 181 more words


The Librarians Season 2 Episode 4

The Librarians Season 2 Episode 4

And the Cost of Education

At night in campus, there is a celebrate. One of them Peter is drag away be giant octopus. 240 more words