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8 Legged

Simple and bold octopus design

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House of R'Thoth


An action game based on World of Warcraft characters. You are a sexy draenei stuck in a nightmare, you must fight many demons, obviously they want fuck you !

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GANBARE! Tentacle


A tentacle-style action shooting game.  Control the protagonist Syokusyu-kun, a phlegmy slime monster who grabs and punishes female knight, fighter, mage, scientist, etc.
Bind, bukkake, milk, titfuck, get sucked and fertilize with eggs across 6 total stages + extra. 

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Fracture Tentacle Episode 1

I sent this one into the world a while ago, working on the next one and a book video next.  If you like polyphonic, conceptual, or lyrical poetry you might enjoy some or all of this.  17 more words

The Near Daily

Frustration Sandwich

Like a ‘compliment sandwich’, but the opposite (frustration bread + meaty middle goodness + another frustration bread).

I work so hard and intensely on any given artwork or project, then once it’s done or almost done…it’s like I forget about it. 277 more words

Holly Zezu

Lisha's Body Art

Lisha’s Body Art is the work of Lisha Simpson. She paints some fantastic cut-out illusions on her own hand!

Lisha’s Body Art