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Ritual offerings by Charlton C. Tod

Ritual Offerings

Stories of those who made deals for Lust and Power


A collection of erotic short stories about people who dabbled in the arcane, and received more than they bargained for. 217 more words


The Watcher in the Water

This quest was made even before the Saga expansions were announced, so in order to relive the movies a little, the developers gave us this quest where you will battle the Tentacles from… 3,854 more words


Consensual Tentacle Porn Card Game Will Come Out In May

(Source: kotaku.com)

Detail of Consentacle card artwork.

The card game Consentacle is an awesome exploration of the complexities of sex, as told via interactions between a human and a tentacle monster. 275 more words


1/1/18 tentacles WIP

Writing from phone, pardon any errors.

After work, I spent most today playing a game with my husband and then making some tentacles. I picked 2 out of like six designs that I really liked and decided to make them battlers. 151 more words