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But how long is 40ft in meters?

She’s supposed to go to sleep but I think that she is entirely too anxious to do that right now.

We certainly have to spend this nervous energy somewhere. 108 more words

IT Beckons

Digital Painting: Photoshop + Wacom Intuos4

by: Christopher L. Smith

All rights reserved.


Big Things on the Horizon


I am very excited to announce the latest for my Hobby Coaching plans.  The next step in my plans is to launch weekly podcasts.  I am getting all the systems in place, and details mapped out to make it as easy as possible to bring you my thoughts on all things hobby related. 27 more words


A Dribble Cat

The cat walked along the gangway, eager to climb down below deck.  The nighttime water was black and still, with a slight glow of moonlight. 22 more words


Villa Verde

For our first night in Capri, we hit up one of the hot spots where they are known for great pizza, Villa Verde. It might sound crazy but since the one bad pizza we got in Venice, we haven’t had a slice since we started our trip. 770 more words


Alex Jones discusses tentacle porn

I figured this would be a good topic for me to weigh in on. Since Alex is scared to look up tentacle porn somebody needs to do the “research.” I am more than happy to do this “research” for him. 758 more words