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The Tentacle Fascination

I’ve had an idea to try out something like this for a while, and figured I’d give it a go. I wanted to be a source of information for those who wish to expand their horizons when writing erotica, because I know what it’s like to cross that threshold, and not know which way to go. 992 more words


Two-Stage Tentacle Mechanisms Part III: Putting it All Together

Welcome back to the final chapter in our journey exploring two-stage tentacle mechanisms. This is where we arm you with the tools and techniques to get one of these cretins alive-and-kicking in your livingroom. 2,671 more words


Release the Kraken! Inktober Day 4 (Again??)

Okay, so I don’t even know what I’m doing with this numbering scheme. Technically this was the drawing for the 4th October prompt, but I already have 2 other days labelled as the 4th, so I don’t even know anymore! 14 more words


34. Olivia

Steve didn’t have to look far to find the Night Retcher. He found her in a grassy patch of land in the direction Davy had indicated. 1,833 more words


Star Lust: Trilogy

She lived on a desert world, just another planet among the hundreds in the known universe. By the age of twenty, she still hadn’t known the touch of a man. 219 more words



Glowing rainbow electric jellyfish painted in gouache (opaque watercolor) by Tanya Casteel.

Art Prints available in my Etsy Shop

Many thanks, ©Tanya Casteel

Animal Illustration