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Delta scanned the shelves of Walmart, looking through various attachments and enhancements for what she needed. There were mechanical arms and living wigs and the odd Brita water filter. 390 more words

Creative Writing

cthulhu sisters

~ SOLD ~

double portrait of the beautiful dezi sisters, with an eldritch horror embracing them. they seem to love it.

ink on paper

Tryphina 2017


Dark Web

Let there be no doubt
that the things you tell me
and the things you don’t
are all matters of consequence to me
as your words chart a map… 137 more words


cat and octopus

two of my favorite animals (the other two being goats and snakes)

ink on paper

Tryphina 2017



Rewind ‘Y2K’ opened recently and I was instantly fascinated by these back tentacles from :

Pictures do not do them justice really as they move all around and there’s even a little stabby animation. 59 more words

Diary 2018 (24) Feb 10th - The Tentacles

Friday Night, at our party, Starry (starbright Wingtips) told us again about her fun with tentacles. Starry is an active member at the Cage Club… 479 more words

Diomita Maurer

Blue Octopus

Framed individual 6×4 triptych paintings.

(Overall frame size 12x19inches)