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Eldritch Guide


Welcome to another podcast featuring Jackson and Daniel. This one is about… nothing. We have vague recollections of discussing the ins-and-outs of the Cosmic Horror genre… but by now it’s all blackness and static. 50 more words

Player's Guide

Movie Review: The Corrupted (2010)

Opening with the bland sounds of an acoustic guitar being played by a stoner who goes by the name of Jeremy, The Corrupted doesn’t exactly intrigue in it’s opening few minutes. 524 more words

The Disc

Planet Nine - The World Eater

I force myself further into the corner of a musty, damp room. Paint peels like ancient scrolls on the mouldering walls that crumble and stick to my hands when I push against it. 512 more words


Tarmac Trepidation

The sun gleamed off the aircraft’s metallic underside. He could feel it radiating heat. His distorted reflection stared back, facial features recognisable, but askew. For a moment, his mirror-image appeared to smile, though he did not. 305 more words


Tentacle Catch

You don’t see this every day (I imagine).

(Thanks to Morkyz for the link.)