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#CephalopodWeek: 8 Reasons Why Tentacles are Terrific

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In honor of Cephalopod Week, I decided to dedicate today’s post to these tentacled critters. 666 more words


Teeny tiny Robotic Tentacles can Grasp an Ant without Hurting it

How does a robot grasp? Most use grippers modelled on human fingers, but when it comes to manipulating tiny, delicate objects, clumsy fingers and tweezing… 22 more words


Tentative Tentacles

Series of girls with splashes of colour highlighting tentacles emerging from the hair. These are early experiments of using brightly coloured watercolours in my illustrations.

review: Lust at Sea

Title: Lust at Sea

Author: Stefanie Quinn

WhatWhat: Samantha, a virgin destined to be a sexual sacrifice to a mysterious creature of the deep, is set on the beach of an uncharted island and ravished by tentacles. 233 more words

Some Kind Of Monster