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Tentacles and Teeth. No this isn't a hentai review. It's Sharktopus!

Jenzubean: Hey Kids! Today we’re very excited to announce the start our first ever ‘SHARK MONTH’. And to answer some of the unspoken questions that just popped into your head? 1,197 more words


Adorable loli takes it in her two tiny holes

Wow, what an incredibly lovely loli, taking it both in her cunt and butthole. Since a picture can speak a thousand words, we can clearly see the way she is feeling, she is blushing and the tentacles are moving inside her, scraping both her holes harshly. She is dying from pleasure.


Connections: November 27.16

While winter creeps in

cold and unfeeling

the pet bougainvillea

cavorts to the ceiling

scoffing at frost

in leafy profusion

flaunting its tentacled

optical illusion. 19 more words


Origami Darth Vader

This is origami darth vader version 4.20 designed by me.


The Great Star Trek: Voyager Rewatch: Season 3 (part 1)

Okay here we go into a season that says farewell to a lot of the initial tropes (Kazon, Vidiians, and the Doctor being stuck in sickbay), and pushes on towards the Borg.   3,755 more words

This Digital Life

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Woman with an octopus on her back.