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Sex with a Monsters by Sheepuppy

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evil jester (commission)

~ SOLD ~

commission of a portrait of harald hinterbuchinger (of the vienna game store ‘planet harry’) as evil jester. with tentacles.

ink on paper

Tryphina 2017


Mme Lefoux (Gail Carriger Fanart)

Madame Lefoux, gifted inventor, member of the O.B.O (Order of the Brass Octopus) and a lesbian. One of my favourite characters in the Parasol Protectorate novels by Gail Carriger.

ink on paper

Tryphina 2018


The Surprising Cultural History of....Tentacle Porn

Ok, so I’m sure everyone knows jokes about Japanese tentacle porn. Pretty much everyone knows it exists, but no one knows why. Well….I guess it’s actually pretty obvious why it exists….rule 34 and whatnot. 143 more words

Japanese Art

Octopus Shower Curtain

Our best selling Octopus Shower Curtain is now on sale!!! Get your tentacles on this beauty before they’re gone at the special price of just $5.50 while supplies last! 57 more words

Sourpuss Clothing

Day 13 - Superstition - #AprilArtChallenge

I decided to make a little boy doing something bad that would cause a superstitious event to occur. He would be painting (or attempting to paint) on an art wall in order to look cool. 267 more words

Cut Paper

Day 12 - Street Art - #AprilArtChallenge

This prompt was such a fun one to work on. I love the way it came out, for the most part. However, there are a couple of changes that need to be made in order for it to look the way I want it to, but I’ll figure that out at a later time. 412 more words

Cut Paper