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Day 301 of Project 365: Briny depths.

Vegan mac and cheese isn’t my favorite, but it’s a little better with a color-changing tentacle lid-lifter.

Writing from: my study in Portland, Oregon. Listening to: an episode of “The Office” in the background.


Death Wish For Killer Whales

So I hadn’t seen Orca (1977) since it was on HBO sometime in the early to mid 80s. Even then I didn’t recall much of the plot (besides the obvious.) The only scene I really remembered is when the main character is trapped on the floating iceberg at the end, and the whale tilts it, sending the man sliding down it to his inevitable death. 1,182 more words


Inktober Day 24

A late night finish for InkTober day 24. The prompt was a dozen and it brings us this lovely lady as a result. She may appear a little clingy, and you can bet that once she gets ahold of you she won’t ever let go… no matter how much you kick, scream, and struggle! #relationshipgoals

…Dat ass though 😍


Two-Stage Tentacle Mechanisms Part III: Putting it All Together

Welcome back to the final chapter in our journey exploring two-stage tentacle mechanisms. This is where we arm you with the tools and techniques to get one of these cretins alive-and-kicking in your livingroom. 2,671 more words


Inktober Day 20

Day 20 of #Inktober and the prompt is #squeeze. I’m sure this guy fits that somehow 😜 And yes, don’t go frantically searching for day 19, you didn’t miss it. 36 more words



Totally insane-looking—and probably not practicable footwear—tentacle high-heeled shoes made by fashion designer, costume designer and shoe designer Kermit Tesoro. I can’t imagine walking in these. Hell, I can’t even walk in heels to begin with! 64 more words