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Tentacles! A Behavioural Analysis.

Binky Productions shares her experience with the infamous Tentacles! First found in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and later discovering their existence in real life, she explains how you could encounter them as well, what they do, how they act. 7 more words

I am the Mollusc King

When it comes to the battle of the molluscs, cephalopods win tentacles down.
Yotam Ottolenghi


Detention Monster Preview

My partner is a teacher. He asked his tutor group to design a monster to supervise detention sessions. I picked two to make, and here’s the first one in progress. 31 more words

Zola's Crafting Life

SpongeBob Reviews: Season 2 (Grandma's Kisses/Squidville)

Let’s just jump right into this one. We see that SpongeBob’s grandmother tends to treat SpongeBob like a baby, as is typical for grandmothers to do, I suppose. 939 more words


Devil To Pay

The Convergence is nearing and the Lord of Hordes is about to unleash living hells on the planet of Vellith…

The battle for her planet has transformed Mercédeon Aarondale. 140 more words



Grossman, David. “OctoGripper, the Octopus-Inspired Robotic Arm, Is Here.” Popular Mechanics. Twitter, 30 Mar. 2017. Web. 11 Apr. 2017.

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Don't Drink The Water

My doctor keeps saying it’s dehydration, that what I’ve begun to see frequently are hallucinations and that if I don’t start drinking water again, I will surely perish. 1,550 more words