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[IDW] Shake Before Using

Finding trouble on a planet that the entire galaxy considered ‘peaceful’ and ‘open to tourism’ was quite possibly Rodimus’ standard modus operandi.

Getaway tried not to hate him too much for it. 4,973 more words


Love (& terrible puns) Is All You Need

It’s coming up to the most romantic time of the year – if you believe the hype – again, and as such I have gifted you all with another batch of bad puns and cute animals! 53 more words


"Eat it before it eats you" Soup - A Wizarding Wold Recipe

This is probably one of my all-time favourite lines from the Harry Potter movies, and I’ve always wanted to make some creepy Leaky Cauldron-worthy soup. So because I can blog about it, I decided to give it a go! 575 more words


Cthulhu T-Shirt

I put the new Cthulhu T-shirt up on my Zazzle store now.  Here’s the link. 6 more words

Selling Stuff


I was thinking that it might be fun, in a spirit of honesty, to confess what our lowest selling titles are. I checked with the author in question and she’s happy to hold up her hands and confess. 448 more words


Time Traveling Through A Dream Within A Dream

This dream from last night was an interesting and complex and detailed dream that involved a dream within a dream and time travel and waking up back and forth between a dream within a dream that jumped between the past and present/future, and so my memory of this dream is flawed and limited. 1,881 more words


The Screen Print-opus

In which I audit a screenprinting workshop, and at the last minute decide to dive in with a quick cut of my own.

The original, with which I can make more (an octopus-armload & beyond) images like the one above: 36 more words