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Every Octopus has its Tentacles

Every octopus has tentacles to reach for and cling to something, to hold fast to it until it decides to let go for whatever reason. Some octopi will cling to something, even if their life is in danger. 278 more words


Run Tentacles, Run

I’ve been dedicating some time to a new pursuit. Running. Very alien to me initially but I’ve become more and more attached to it. I put up a running page  166 more words



“Tentacles are the evil tasks that invade my life.” -Craig
Oh tentacles, the sticky appendages that wrap around our rational, clear-thinking minds and suffocate the motivation from our souls. 51 more words

Potato Of The Day Episode 13

Shit you guys, I think I’m trouble. I took a pill I found in a trashcan.  It was just sitting there, so enticing, calling to me. 196 more words


To octopus or not ?

I love octopuses but i would not go to the ocean and hunt the Kraken today :) Although they are pretty cool . They can change their color ,camouflage and sit still for hours hinting  their pray . 156 more words