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Library Girl

The night of January 14, 2016…

Tetiba malam ini jadi kangen masa-masa sering nongkrong di perpus sekolah. Gegara kemaren pagi lewat Taman Mahoni ada perpustakaan mobil keliling. 297 more words

My Daily Journal


bagaimana jika ternyata dia sudah tahu lebih dulu,

bahwa kamu adalah seseorang yang senantiasa menatapnya
dari jauh maupun dekat.
bahwa kamu adalah seseorang yang selangkah demi selangkah… 335 more words


Memoirs of The Young Man

I guess… This is how its end.

At those eyes i see no more eagerness to fix what matter in this relationship. Feelings that she taught me when her heart and mind still choosing to mending than ending, perhaps i shall named it as pleasant memories. 176 more words

Tentang Rasa

Till We Meet Again...

In life, there is one person we thought we were never going to see again. One whom we thought that might not be meant to be, but we hope time will tell differently. 147 more words


Stand with France

Paris has grieve..

Among the joy, freedom, and punctuality of glory.

The people who has bad thoughts toward life, was shed their wrath.

A wise man says, when a human living in the dark, 13 more words

Tentang Rasa


When it all became invisible and escaped to conjecture.,
about the feelings that had once felt and still stored in the deepest heart of hearts,. 49 more words

Tentang Rasa

Writing is Loving

If you love something, you will do everything you can to make it real. So do I with this favorite activity: writing.

Di sela-sela kesibukan sebagai ibu rumah tangga, mengurus anak, menjalankan bisnis dari rumah.. 381 more words