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Jutsu used by ninja of Konoha in Naruto

I am a loyal naruto fan and have played many naruto games because of my enthusiasm towards this anime, and I love Naruto OL among them. 399 more words

Naruto Game Infor

"Ekitai" by LACK-CO. (FULL PV)

LACK-CO. will release their new single “Dobunezumi Sanka” on June 28th and the limited edition will include the full PV to “Ekitai (液体)”. Ekitai was included in LACK-CO.’s single “Mushiri Chocolate” (虫入りチョコレート) which was released on February 15th. 136 more words


"Nenchaku crazy salt iri cookie" by LACK-CO. (single details + "Metsubou no blues" FULL PV)

LACK-CO. released their single “Nenchaku crazy salt iri cookie” (粘着型クレイジーソルト入りクッキー) on March 15th and here is the full PV to the track “Metsubou no blues” (滅亡のブルース). 143 more words


Team Guy

I’m catching up on Naruto and I found Team Guy to be incredibly likable.  Let’s be honest, Lee carries this team.  But the other two aren’t so bad.


"Dobunezumi Sanka" by LACK-CO. (single details + PV preview + NEW LOOK)

LACK-CO. will release their new one-coin single “Dobunezumi Sanka” on June 28th and here is a PV preview! They also have a new look, so please check it out below! 169 more words


What Could Have Been - Neji and Tenten

Neji and Tenten were part of Team Guy’s team alongside Rock Lee and Guy himself. After Neji’s efforts to keep Hinata safe from any sort of harm during the Great Ninja War, he faced his death right in the eye when he found freedom and was released from the curse placed on him. 86 more words


Weapons Shinobi - Tenten

Tenten is largelly known for her ability to store away her weapons and when required, call upon them using her own scrolls. This allows her to carry less but have more. 69 more words