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Malice invitation releases "Mushi" and goes on hiatus (lyric video)

Malice invitation will release their new single “mushi” on July 28th at their live at HOLIDAY OSAKA. After that will they go on indefinitely hiatus. :-/ Below is the lyric video to “mushi”! 27 more words


Tenten Rex "Lasse"


Mun lapsoset on huamenna 9 viikkoo vanhoi, ja elämä täällä meillä on alkanu huisin ihkusti ton Lassen kanssa. Tos on pönötyskuva Lassest vähä ennensku se muutti kotii. 390 more words


Linan lapsoset, Tenten R-pentue

Nonniih! Mun lapsoset on ny neljä viikkoi vanhoi, nii ehkä tarttis vähä tänne blokiiki kirjottaa. Elikkä mä kävin reffeil ton Lukan (Borok´ko Falkonet Bien Faset) kans helmikuun lopulla. 242 more words


95. Shade

You were the dark – a darkness that eclipsed both of us, and I had to be your light – a light that could fend off your fears leaving me with nothing for myself. 27 more words


Naruto Storm 4: Chunin Exams Tenten vs Temari

these girls came from different villages. these girls are also long ranged attackers! Tenten uses weapons to throw at the opponent. Temari however, uses her big fan to gust wind and slices her enemies! 13 more words


Alden Richards, nabangga ang kotse

Alden Richards’ Car
Photo Collage Of Alden Richards’ Damaged Car
Alden Richard In The Gutter
“Okay lang po ako!”
Ito ang tweet ni Alden Richards matapos na masangkot sa isang minor car accident noong Biyernes ng umaga, March 4. 9 more words