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Naruto SD - Rock Lee no Seishun Full-power Ninden

Tên: Naruto SD – Rock Lee no Seishun Full-Power Ninden (Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals)
Thể loại: Hài hước, ninja
Khởi chiếu: 03/04/2012 – 02/04/2013… 1,287 more words

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Gaara and Fuu! Defeating The Enemy - Naruto Shippuden 412

Naruto Shippuden 412 see’s Gaara and Fuu trying to hang on as the enemy tries to extract their tailed beasts away from then, to which Neji, Tenten and Lee get there and begin helping them out, Neji tries to block the chakra point at which their chakra is being sucked out from. 77 more words

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Gaara and Fuu! Extracting Jinchuuriki's - Naruto Shippuden 411

Naruto Shippuden 411 see’s both Gaara and Fuu tangled by an enemy whereby their Tailed Beasts are slowly sucked out of them, it seems that there isn’t anyone there to help them, however it seems that Neji, Lee and Tenten might join to help them later on. 55 more words

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Foo's Friendship! Tracking Down Gaara - Naruto Shippuden 410

Naruto Shippuden 410 see’s Foo and her team mates as she would like to go on and make friends with over 100 people. Gaara also goes out to the battle field after two people try and bring him out to kill him, another one tries to put up a large sand storm whereby the Chunin exams are quickly postponed. 441 more words

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10/10 for Ten Ten Ramen

I thought that I had gotten over my love for ramen once I graduated from undergrad however, it has become difficult to resist since Ten Ten Ramen is just down the street.  134 more words


Tenten and Ajisai! Hard Work Pays Off - Naruto Shippuden 405

Naruto Shippuden 405 follows Tenten and Ajisai as they’re both trapped underground with many large ants trying to find a way out, each others team try their best to get them out as they also face some of these ants. 330 more words

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Tenten's Trouble! Search For Scrolls - Naruto Shippuden 404

Naruto Shippuden 404 continues with the Chunin Exams, now we concentrate on Tenten who falls into trouble when a bomb blows and gets stuck with Ajisai. 258 more words

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