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You're Mine, ch 2

Chapter 2
Chap 2 : Neji w/ Sasuke?
Neji menonjok pohon didepannya,membuat
tangannya memerah dan sepertinya tulangnya
patah *ngga deh*
Neji melirik kebelakangnya,terdapat seorang pria… 754 more words


20 điều tôi yêu (NejiTen) - Naruto Fiction

20 điều tôi yêu – NejiTen

Author: lhanh98 (Lá)
Pairings: NejiTen
Summary: 20 điều khiến cô yêu anh …

*** 13,998 more words


Hiragana Vowels

These vowels are always used except for some exceptions. Hiragana has a total of 46 characters, most of which use these five vowels so learn them well. 106 more words


Tenten's Infinite Tsukuyomi - Naruto Shippuden 427 and 428

Naruto Shippuden 427 and 428 see’s a two-part special episodes covering Tenten’s inner world as she’s been captured into the Infinite Tsukuyomi where we meet a number of her friends with many different looks and personalities. 656 more words


Naruto Female Characters Compared to Greek Goddesses

Naruto is a great long running series, it has some great male and female characters which are loved by many fans. This posts will cover briefly who some Naruto female characters are if they were Greek Goddess’ as compiled by fans. 404 more words




Disclaimer: Tất cả các nhân vật đều thuộc quyền sở hữu Masashi Kishimoto

Pairing:  NeTen

Genres: Oneshot, tragedy, sci-fi

Rating: G


Chàng hiệp sĩ trong bộ giáp bạc hạ gục mụ phù thủy ác độc… 6,137 more words

One-shot By Wicca