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Rock Lee vs Shira! Fuu The Jinchuuriki - Naruto Shippuden 401

Naruto Shippuden 401 mainly focuses on the battle between Rock Lee and Shira as they both test their own skills in a fair battle when Rock Lee is at a disadvantage, soon as Shira enables his powers, Lee does the same and quickly over powers him. 542 more words

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1010 - Limbus

Now on view at the Hashimoto Contemporary art gallery in San Francisco; “Limbus” the debut US solo show by German street artist 1010. The show consists of a number of fine works and an indoor mural in his signature optical illusion aesthetic.


Taijutsu User! Shira and Rock Lee - Naruto Shippuden 400

Naruto Shippuden 400 focus’ mainly on Rock Lee and Shira as they’re Taijustu abilities are highlighted here as we see them getting their second scrolls to go to the next round. 494 more words

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Naruto Shippuden: Dance of War (Neji vs Tenten) Fan Video

Few weeks ago I posted a teaser video showing Neji vs Tenten in a real life adaptation of Naruto Shippuden just before the war. Now we have the full version as we see both Neji and Tenten go on a head to head battle which looks very awesome, very polished to what it looks and should be like. 102 more words

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Sapagkat nananatili itong isang mainit na usapin.

Shira's Mission! Exam Begins - Naruto Shippuden 399

Naruto Shippuden 399 follows Shira’s travels as he takes on Gaara’s mission to become a fine ninja as well as helping other shinobi’s from the village to pass while seeing Neji, Lee and Tenten go through a few problems as they’re trapped then go ahead and help Team Shira who are about to be disqualified. 633 more words

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Naruto Fan Video Teases Fight Between Neji and Tenten

The guys over at Epic Rival have laid upon us a wonderful teaser video of the upcoming battle between Neji vs Tenten as they both prepare and train for the upcoming war. 112 more words

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