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By A Huge Margin (75-19) WV House Votes To Drop Common Core

West Virginia House Votes To End Common Core, 75-19

” On Saturday, the West Virginia House passed a bill that would withdraw the state from the Common Core State Standards adopted by the West Virginia State Board of Education in 2010 and the Next Generation Content Standards and Objective adopted in 2011. 

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Breaking News: Bosworth arrested in Spokane

For some months leaders in the forefront of the 2nd Amendment Movement and Lawless Government Agents who do not recognize the 2nd Amendment have been staring across battle lines at each other, the one exercising their rights under the LAW and the other blustering and bluffing to make them back down in an effort to extract compliance with their usurpation and violations of the Constitutions (both of them). 373 more words

Keep And Bear Arms

Nullifying The Federal Blob

When must a state acquiesce to the demands of the federal government? The question is not as straightforward as many believe. The U.S. Constitution is fairly explicit in “enumerating” the… 899 more words

Publisher of Libertarian Republic: I'm a Constitutionalist/Minarchist

In his own words for an article at the Libertarian Republic  discussing his skepticism of a nonexistent libertarian orthodoxy, the publisher says the following:

I’m a constitutionalist…

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Alaska Bill Would Ban Material Support or Resources to NSA - Michael Boldin

JUNEAU, Alaska (Jan. 21, 2015) – A bill filed in Alaska late last week would ban “material support or resources” to the NSA. This would not only support  516 more words


Massive US Prison population a Result of Unconstitutional Laws - TJ Martinell

It is not without irony that President Obama recently announced his plan to offer two free years of community college.

Not only does the U.S. have the highest incarceration rate in the world, with a… 211 more words