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Book 2, chapter 12

Chapter Twelve: The Ambush part 3

Miyuki f. inished her drawing on the wall and took a step back to examine her work. The drawing was Aang in the avatar state. 1,825 more words

Book 2, ch. 11

Chapter Eleven: The Ambush part 2

Miyuki laid on the floor and let out an annoyed sigh. She played with her hair and looked up at the ceiling. 1,670 more words

Ch 10, Book 2

Chapter Ten: The Ambush, part 1

Xin got up and walked downstairs. Ai was making breakfast, and Mako was making coffee. Xin rubbed her eyes and yawned as she walked over to the table. 1,646 more words

Ch 8, book 2

Chapter Eight: Be the Leaf

“So who are you air bending with today?” Jun asked Miyuki as they walked together.


“Really? Can I come?” 1,658 more words

Book 2, ch 6

Chapter Six: Home

“We’re here!” The man steering the airship announced.

“Thanks, Zan.” Riichi said.

“Sure thing buddy. Do you want me to stick around?” 1,853 more words

For Avery

This story is dedicated to my friend Avery.. he knows what it means


Once upon a time, in Madrid, Spain, there lived a turtle named Tenzin. 834 more words


Book 2, ch 4

Chapter Four: The Wrong Girl

Jun and Shen were laying awake in their beds in the middle of the night. Jun rolled over and looked at Shen. 1,977 more words