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when half your squad needs adult supervision to do the thing

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Legend of Korra: Top Five Fights

In no particular order here are my top five fights from Legend of Korra!

Bolin and Mako vs Ghazan and Ming Hua

A great example of brotherly team work. 521 more words


25 Days to Liberation

My days now are pretty much full.  Full of planning for my exit from static life to a nomadic existence and trying to earn as much money as possible and find a tent trailer for under $1k as that is all I can afford to start. 736 more words


Air Bending Sample

There you have it, Air Bending! Remember to visit the Legend of Korra RPG Project FACEBOOK PAGE!


SOMEONE keeps wrecking his pants from sitting on the grass to meditate. Grass stains on the cloak and butt are really hard to get out. Cue he now has to do his own laundry.

“Tenzin!” Pema threw the dirty clothes at his face. “Look what you did!”

“What, what, what did I do?!” He pulled the clothes off his head and took a look at them while she spoke. 143 more words