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Piaget believed individuals must adapt to their environment. He described two processes for adaptation which is an organism’s ability to fit in with  its  environment,  assimilation  and accommodation (Dimitriadis & Kamberelis, 2006, p. 799 more words


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Jean Piaget in a classroom. Bill Anderson/Photo Researchers, Inc.

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In  1896,  Jean  Piaget  was  born  in Switzerland. He was “…a psychologist with a fundamentally biological orientation” (Campbell, 2006, p. 764 more words


Teori Pembelajaran Gagne

Robert Gagne was an experimental psychologist who was concerned with learning and instruction for several decades. His earlier work was in a behaviorist tradition, but later he was influenced by the information-processing view of learning and memory. 704 more words


Teori Pembelajaran Ausubel

David Ausubel was a cognitive learning theorist who focused on the learning of school subjects and who placed considerable interest on what the student already knows as being the primary determiner of whether and what he/she learns next. 760 more words


Teori Pembelajaran Bruner

Jerome Bruner is a Harvard-educated psychologist who has been very influential among educators, particularly during the curriculum reform projects of the 1960s. Bruner is primarily in the cognitive tradition, although he is very heavily influenced by Piaget. 497 more words



Piaget adalah pskolog yang memperhatikan perkembangan intelktual  anak mulai bayi sampai dewasa.

Kecerdasan menurut piaget adalah adaptasi terhadap lingkungan dan membentuk struktur kognitif yang diperlukan dalam mengadakan penyesuaian dengan lingkungannya. 107 more words