New to Prepping? 4 questions for defining your purpose

So, you’ve heard the clarion call to action and are eager to begin taking a balanced lifestyle of preparedness seriously. Excellent! Before we talk about how to start, check out my post on… 476 more words


The Worst Way to Die

By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

How many of you have played this game on a long car trip where you asked the people around you what is the worst way to die? 541 more words


Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #147 Stopping for lunch beside Lake Ki #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WROL

Back to the past with the convoy en route to Kayak Point …

Despite the small amount of chaos Doc’s disappearance causes, no zombies came to investigate. 1,230 more words

Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #146 A brief interlude to the present with Iain #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WCS

A brief leap to the present …

Our damn water turbine in the creek behind the bunker froze. When the lights suddenly dimmed and my computer shut off, Iain told me that the water turbine froze. 1,175 more words

Zombie Apocalypse

Examples Of Finding Use For Your Preps Even Though TEOTWAWKI Has Not Happened

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

There are some who prepare for TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it) with the full expectation that it will happen – that one day they will be able to pull out all their preps and implement their survival plan. 151 more words


Earth Day: Eppur si muove

“How do you want to celebrate Earth Day?” I was asked on the train this morning.  Already in a sullen and pessimistic mood I reflected upon seeing this legend on a Jeep window some days ago… My Jeep burns the gas your Prius saves.  974 more words


Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s story #144 On the road to Kayak Point part #1 #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WCS

I note that Shack has his helmet on “John Wayne style.” Shack continues singing horribly off-key. I never liked Country Western music although Amy was quite fond of it. 1,010 more words

Zombie Apocalypse