Bugging Out Lessons Learned While Hunting

By Pat Henry – The Prepper Journal

I went hunting for the first time this year earlier in the week. I have been waiting for deer season to open up in my neck of the woods and finally got my chance to get out there and try my luck at bringing home some meat to fill my family’s freezer. 1,856 more words


Every Day Carry

It’s important to carry on your person or in your ready bag, the tools you need through out the day or something you may need if a situation comes up. 100 more words


Should I stay or should I go??

A big question of those of us who prepare is…Should I Stay?? or Should I Go?? This is a very important question and is a hard one to decide. 726 more words


Preparing for beginners

Life can be a wonderful adventure full of fun times, breath taking moments, and lasting memories with family and friends – but it can also be hard, tough, and beat you down when you least expect it. 1,012 more words


Home Defense Strategy for TEOTWAWKI

Source: uspreppers, by Amber Henning

Whether you like to admit it or not, defense is a huge key to preparing for TEOTWAWKI. We like to believe that people are inherently good, but when faced with desperate situations, there is no predicting how some people will behave. 500 more words


Zombie apocalypse fiction – Ruth’s Story #168 Dealing with the wagon outside Baker City #TEOTWAWKI #SHTF #WROL

Iain pokes his head out from underneath the tarp. “You’re not gonna believe what that nasty fuck has under here,” he says softly.

“What is it, Iain.” 1,087 more words

Zombie Apocalypse