Short Story Review: Twice Dead by George Magnum

What’s it about?

Within forty eight hours, it had become a global pandemic. There was no explanation. The dead were rising, returning to life, and devouring the living. 547 more words


Emergencies vs Crises - What's the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

TEOTWAWKI. You read about it pretty frequently on prepper sites (if you’ve never encountered it, before, it stands for “the end of the world as we know it”). 832 more words

Perspectives on Prepping

First things first, that’s what I was told so often as a kid. To that end, let me say this, first. I do not think of myself primarily as a prepper. 1,688 more words

Reversal Morning

And it all came down,

on that morning when the world

awoke to find itself no longer kept in place.

No law but truth

and through truth, 106 more words


Survival Skills For Women

A general perception regarding women is that they’re weak and vulnerable and aren’t capable of handling powerful things as people think they react more easily than their male counterparts. 199 more words


It’s TEOTWAWKI and the Living’s Easy

Source: Survival Blog

I’m talking about the upside of long-term, remote, Rocky Mountain survival. The very fact that you are reading this essay means that you are concerned about the state of the world around you and that you have serious concerns about what you are seeing. 1,473 more words


Doomsayers and Gold

I just don’t know about Word Press.
According to the ex-spurts TEOTWAWKI in the form of financial collapse will happen within the next few days. 503 more words