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How DBMS Vendors Admit to an Architectural Limitation: Part 2 - Teradata Intelligent Memory

This is the second post (see Part 1 here) on how vendors adjust their architecture without admitting that the previous architecture was flawed. This time we’ll consider Teradata and in-memory…. 670 more words

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BICC congres 26 maart 2015 – Digitale disruptie? Business Intelligence slaat terug!

Hier heb je de laatste nieuwsbrief van Thomas More.

BICC congres 26 maart 2015 – Digitale disruptie? Business Intelligence slaat terug!

8ste BI congres van het BICC-Thomas More: 26 maart 2015… 462 more words

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Who Asked for an Open Data Platform?

This is a joint blog post between Nick Heudecker and Merv Adrian.

It’s Strata week here in San Jose, and with that comes a flood of new announcements on products, partners and funding. 47 more words

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CBS: Progress w/7-day viewing. Marketers trying/failing w/1-to-1 (RBDR 2.17.2015)

RBDR is sponsored by SoapBoxSample, a member of the ISA family of companies, providing a fresh approach to online research.

To access a video explaining MySoapBox Mobile, please visit: … 77 more words

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How to Monetise Your Data? Just Selling Data is So Old School

Selling Data is So Old School: Do These 5 Things Instead to Monetise Your Data

Laura Close - Technology -Feb, 13, 2015

Most companies are collecting massive amounts of data. 443 more words


Teradata Support contact checklist !!

If you notice your system is having problems and you want to contact Teradata Customer Support to report an incident, collect as much information about your system as possible. 675 more words

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How Are Marketers Leveraging Data-Driven Insights For Their Top Priorities?

Almost half of marketers report significant pressure to be more data-driven in their efforts, according to a recent report from Teradata, with this aligning with other research similarly showing that marketers are under pressure to become more analytic.

107 more words
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