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Teradata Database Management Online Training in SRY IT Solutions

Teradata is a completely scalable system of relational database organization formed by Teradata Corporation. It is greatly used to organize a large amount of data operations of warehousing and treats as one specific data storage which accepts a good number of simultaneous requests from different customer applications. 447 more words

Customer Experience Matrix: Teradata Sells Its Marketing Applications Business for $90 Million

Teradata announced on Friday that it had signed a deal to sell its marketing applications business for $90 million to private investment firm Marlin Equity Partners.

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PJI or Product join indicator is the measure of how cpu intensive your query is. Higher PJI means your query is doing unnecessary product join. PJI is calculated as (AMPCPUTime*1000)/TotalIOCount. 124 more words


Teradata : Get databases size in GB

Databases size in GB

The size of database is the diffrence of maxperm and currentperm space of a database. select the sum of maxperm and currentperm from DBC.DISKSPACE and convert into GB and get the difference. 115 more words

Teradata Basics

Teradata Architecture

Teradata relies on four architectural components

  1. Parsing Engine(PE) or Optimizer
  2. Access Module Processors(AMPs)
  3. BYNETs
  4. Disks

Parsing Engine

A Parsing Engine (PE) is a virtual processor (vproc). 675 more words

Teradata Basics

Teradata Error Codes

It is very necessary for every Teradata(TD) user to know what error is attached to an error code to drill down to till base to tackle the issue… here is the complete list of error codes which a TD user  can encounter. 20 more words

Teradata Basics

Make your Market Data Speak - and become a sales hero

Let’s all agree: Marketing is a strategic and mission critical function in any business. But unfortunately, this is rarely recognized. To prove your value as a marketer, show that your marketing investment supports the business. 774 more words

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