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Give to God What is God's

When it comes to the worship community, I think some people get a little too upset whenever others don’t always give what’s considered a godly answer to all the compliments directed their way– regardless of whether the compliment itself was godly or not. 517 more words


Word of the day

Terce – a service forming part of the Divine Office of the Western Christian Church, traditionally said (or chanted) at the third hour of the day; the third of the seven canonical hours.


We are BECOMING Righteous, NOT are.

We are NOT the righteousness of God. We are BECOMING the righteousness of God IN Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:21, because of faulty translations, is often misused to fit incorrect doctrine. 273 more words


Mid Morning Pause - Terce

Terce, or Third Hour, was the time of the mid-morning break for prayer in the medieval monasteries. It consisted then, and still does, mainly of psalms and is said at 9 a.m. 612 more words