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Mid Morning Pause - Terce

Terce, or Third Hour, was the time of the mid-morning break for prayer in the medieval monasteries. It consisted then, and still does, mainly of psalms and is said at 9 a.m. 612 more words


Some Thoughts on Bible Study

It took YEARS for me to unravel bad doctrine from my brain, and learn to read the Bible objectively, without thinking about what a church leader told me I should believe about something. 572 more words


True Ministry is Reciprocal

People need to approach ministry as NOT a ministry.  They need to approach it as a connecting point, a relationship.  You can give something to someone else, and they can give something to you.  38 more words


Vulnerable Heart

Vulnerable souls are usually susceptible to people’s judgment. Either they consider you a “good-hearted” person, but incapable of saying anything of worth, or you are too flawed to be able to give. 25 more words


Strong in Word and Spirit

The other day I posted the following note on my personal page. The things that God shows me are not always easy to post, as they are sometimes counter to the current Christian culture. 351 more words


You are Valuable.

This is on my heart. There is someone out there who has been taking verbal abuse from a loved one. You feel that somehow you deserve their words. 110 more words


Blest Spirit One With God Above

This hymn is used for Terce on Sundays and Weekdays throughout the year in the Extraordinary form and the Ordinary Form of the Roman Breviary. This is the original text of the hymn from John Chandler’s 1837 Hymns of the Primitive Church. 102 more words

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