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Terence Davies: Distant Voices, Still Lives

“Stunning stylized. Fiercely emotional. A one of a kind film that speaks straight to the heart.”
The Boston Globe

“Davies is one of the most original stylists in the contemporary cinema.” 315 more words

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6.16.2016 Distant Voices, Still Lives

This does an amazing job of capturing a feeling that I think can be hard to get at – a sad nostalgia that seems specific to family. 43 more words

Terence Davies blends beauty and bleakness in Sunset Song

How can a film look so stunning and yet seem so bleak? Welcome to the world of Terence Davies.

Sunset Song is the latest offering from the supremely gifted and idiosyncratic British filmmaker. 1,014 more words


SIFF 2016: Sunset Song (Terence Davies, 2015)

I’ve heard the liltin at oor yowe-milkin,
Lassies a-liltin before break o day
Now there’s a moanin on ilka green loanin –
The Flooers o the Forest are a’ wede awa… 1,743 more words

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"Sunset Song"

Viewing an anti-war film on the anniversary of D-day, was thought provoking and disquieting. Pacifist and socialist themes, as well as, the lot of women in early nineteenth-century Scotland ground the latest adaptation of… 450 more words

Sunset Song (2015) [Terence Davies]

I quite liked this film. It’s another interesting film from an interesting filmmaker, Terence Davies. Surprisingly though, this movie actually moves much faster than most Davies films do. 280 more words


Moving pictures, #28

I was under the impression I’d knocked a few more off the 1001 Movies you Must See Before You Die list recently, but apparently not. Two of the directors in this post I’m a fan of, and one of them I’m becoming a fan of… 1,673 more words