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Terence Lewis and FBB achieve Guinness World Record!

FBB’s latest Denim Dance campaign that expressed the mood of denim through dance has set a new benchmark! The brand created history with its own… 249 more words

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Radhika Apte to pay tribute to Asha Bhosle

ఆమె పాటలకు డ్యాన్స్ చేస్తా..

బాలీవుడ్‌లో సీనియర్ నటుల చిత్రాల్లోని పాటలకు జూనియర్ నటులు నర్తించి, వారికి జోహార్లు అర్పించడం.. గురించి మనందరికీ తెలిసిందే. సాధారణంగా అవార్డు ఫంక్షన్లలో ఇలాంటి కార్యక్రమాలను నిర్వహిస్తుంటారు మన హీరోలు…continue

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‘So You Think You Can Dance’ unveils its top 6 finalists

The Indian Adaptation of the World’s biggest dance show by &TV So You Think You Can Dance has been pioneer in introducing varied dance forms – classifying them as Stage and Street at a reality show platform. 411 more words


Now it is India's Turn to Dance!

Last night was the grand premiere of So You Think You Can Dance on &TV and it was spectacular!

Of course it had to be, when the judges panel includes names like Madhuri Dixit-Nene, Terence Lewis and Bosco Martis. 85 more words