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Interview With The Smartest Man In The World

Terence Tao 陶哲轩 :
♢ Born in 1975 @ Adelaide. Parents from Hong Kong immigrants to Australia.
♢ Chinese-american
♢ IQ 230-240
♢ Full professor of UCLA at 24… 35 more words

Modern Math

The Erdős discrepancy problem has been solved by Terence Tao

Polymath5 was devoted to the Erdős discrepancy problem. It ran in 2010 and there were a few additional posts in 2012, without reaching a solution. The problem has now been solved by Terry Tao using  some observations from the polymath project combined with important recent developments in analytic number theory. 17 more words


Cayley graphs and the geometry of groups

In most undergraduate courses, groups are first introduced as a primarily algebraic concept – a set equipped with a number of algebraic operations (group multiplication, multiplicative inverse, and multiplicative identity) and obeying a number of rules of algebra (most notably the associative law). 1,718 more words


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Terence Tao's wrote this easy-to-understand Group Theory. It is rare for mathematicians to be also a good writer in explaining difficult math in layman's terms. Highly recommended! To be continued (Part 2): https://terrytao.wordpress.com/2012/05/11/cayley-graphs-and-the-algebra-of-groups/

Never forget things once learned

This was the challenge I’ve set out before myself, which lead me to creating MathematicaAnki tools (picture below).

“My final suggestion is to pick some sort of organisational system and make a real effort to stick to it; a half-hearted system is probably worse than no system at all.”

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Read -- 2015/08/02

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Amazon posts surprising profit“, by Greg Bensinger (Wall Street Journal).
  2. The Capital’s top cop“, by Harry Jaffe (Politico Magazine).
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Singularity, In a Single Thought

Science fiction blends into scientific thought experiment with explosive results (adapted from the original piece):

The Fiendish Contraption

Terence Tao mused about the possibility that water could spontaneously explode. 455 more words

Smartest people in the world


的確,今朝各領域的人物,年輕時無不崢嶸頭角。以商業為例,大家可能知道世界首富Bill Gates 高中就開始賣自己寫的程式,但大家可能不知道他高中畢業時還有1590/1600 的SAT,分別向哈佛、耶魯、普林斯頓三所大學提出未來將成為數學家、政治家、工程師的入學申請,全部錄取。以數學為例,當代最知名的數學家陶哲軒,13 歲拿下奧林匹亞數學金牌,是史上最年輕的得主。以電腦科學為例,MIT 最年輕的正教授 Erik Demaine,今年33 歲已經和363 位作者合作344 論文,當年20 歲就開始在MIT 任助理教授。

反過來說,當年在台灣的神童們,也不缺名牌大學入學許可、奧賽金牌等成就(Erik Demaine 那個還是太扯),但長大不見得有「如此顯赫」的功業。我無意討論不同教育體制、社會資源對資優生未來發展產生的影響。在我看來,他們都非常傑出。



即使像我智商一般的人,都能感受這段文字的溫度。其實在看到這篇文章之前,就在Twitter 撈叨了一句

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