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Among current mathematicians, many people regard Professor Tao as the world’s finest… Opinions on such things vary, of course. Professor Tao kindly fielded some of our questions, including many submitted by Numberphile viewers. 13 more words


The drawbacks of genius

I find the reality of mathematical research today—in which progress is obtained naturally and cumulatively as a consequence of hard work, directed by intuition, literature, and a bit of luck—to be far more satisfying than the romantic image that I had as a student of mathematics being advanced primarily by the mystic inspirations of some rare breed of “geniuses.” This “cult of genius” in fact causes a number of problems, since nobody is able to produce these (very rare) inspirations on anything approaching a regular basis, and with reliably consistent correctness…

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A Hint of Genius

Quoted from the most recent National Geographic Magazine on “Genius”. Terence dismisses his label as a “genius” and instead believes that his work is based off of “hard work, directed by intuition, literature, and a bit of luck.” I would add dedication to that list too, if it was me. 177 more words

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The World's Best Mathematician 

Terence Tao 陶哲轩 :

  • Research style: both Collaborative à la “PolyMath” Project & “Lone Wolf” à la Andrew Wiles (“The Fermat’s Last Theorem”), G. Perelman (“The Poincaré Conjecture”) or Zhang Yitang 张益唐 (“70-million Gap in Twin Primes”)
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