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Read -- 2015/08/02

Today’s selection of articles includes:

  1. Amazon posts surprising profit“, by Greg Bensinger (Wall Street Journal).
  2. The Capital’s top cop“, by Harry Jaffe (Politico Magazine).
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Singularity, In a Single Thought

Science fiction blends into scientific thought experiment with explosive results (adapted from the original piece):

The Fiendish Contraption

Terence Tao mused about the possibility that water could spontaneously explode. 455 more words

Smartest people in the world


的確,今朝各領域的人物,年輕時無不崢嶸頭角。以商業為例,大家可能知道世界首富Bill Gates 高中就開始賣自己寫的程式,但大家可能不知道他高中畢業時還有1590/1600 的SAT,分別向哈佛、耶魯、普林斯頓三所大學提出未來將成為數學家、政治家、工程師的入學申請,全部錄取。以數學為例,當代最知名的數學家陶哲軒,13 歲拿下奧林匹亞數學金牌,是史上最年輕的得主。以電腦科學為例,MIT 最年輕的正教授 Erik Demaine,今年33 歲已經和363 位作者合作344 論文,當年20 歲就開始在MIT 任助理教授。

反過來說,當年在台灣的神童們,也不缺名牌大學入學許可、奧賽金牌等成就(Erik Demaine 那個還是太扯),但長大不見得有「如此顯赫」的功業。我無意討論不同教育體制、社會資源對資優生未來發展產生的影響。在我看來,他們都非常傑出。



即使像我智商一般的人,都能感受這段文字的溫度。其實在看到這篇文章之前,就在Twitter 撈叨了一句

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254A announcement: Analytic prime number theory

In the winter quarter (starting January 5) I will be teaching a graduate topics course entitled “An introduction to analytic prime number theory“. As the name suggests, this is a course covering many of the analytic number theory techniques used to study the distribution of the prime numbers . 3,438 more words


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Bookmark Terence Tao's site if you are interested in his notes on Analytic number theory! He will be placing lecture notes online on his blog. This is a one-in-a-lifetime chance to learn Analytic Number Theory from a Master --- Fields Medallist Terence Tao.

The question of the mass gap

Some years ago I proposed a set of solutions to the classical Yang-Mills equations displaying a massive behavior. For a massless theory this is somewhat unexpected. 342 more words


Terence Tao

It has already been a couple of years that I stumbled over two youtube-videos of talks by Terence Tao. The fact that I still keep watching those videos time and again, merits a little mention here. 756 more words