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Grade 9 Applied Math: 2-6 Polynomials

“Polynomials” is the sixth lesson of the grade 9 Ontario applied math program. In this lesson, students will continue simplifying one-variable polynomial expressions, and solving simple first-degree equations. 35 more words


Long Term Disability Claim and Getting the Best Outcome for the Client

Here at The Law Offices of Terrence A. Low and Anthony J. Canata, we strive to reach the timeliest and best possible outcomes for our clients. 118 more words


How do I describe myself not getting enough sleep?

Mandarin: 沒睡飽 Pinyin: méi shuì bǎo  Direct Translation: not sleeping fully Usage: This term is quite often used. Students in Taiwan commonly go to the cram school and take classes til around 10 p.m. 126 more words


My Thoughts on the Same-Sex Marraige Ruling & Why I Stopped Calling Myself a Christian

I come to you all with teary eyes and a burdened heart. It upsets me to even think about what just happened in America. A complete slap in the face to God. 616 more words

Postgrad Rambles #1

I should not be moaning, I am very, very fortunate to be doing a fully paid PhD. But honestly, I can’t say I’m impressed so far. 456 more words