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Honesty comes from ‘honest’ which is “showing fairness and sincerity, and free from deceit”. Then, honesty is “the state or quality of being honest”. Moreover, 

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This Analogy Will Help You Buy The Right Insurance

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Imagine this scenario: You’re rummaging through your kitchen drawer, and realise that you’re out of plasters. You know, the sticky thing you put on your knee when you cut yourself against the coffee table (speaking from experience here). 1,478 more words

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Short-Term 2016 YALI Fellows Reflect on Time at WID

It has been an exciting and educational experience hosting our short-term fellows from the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) program another year. We had two motivated and ambitious fellows who arrived driven to learn about disability inclusion, advocacy and how to change and implement policies to better their organizations and their countries at large. 1,261 more words


Should You Buy Stocks After A Crash?

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Every investor would have wondered when the best time for investing his or her money would be. Whether we are seeing a situation of stocks at all-time highs or all-time lows, or even suffering a sudden crash in prices, no one truly knows if that moment would be the best time to invest. 866 more words

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2 Reasons Why You Should Try Long Term Forex Trading

Long term Forex trading strategy is sometimes needed to gain more profit. Some assets will be more profitable if we hold on to it. Unfortunately, many people don’t really like doing long term trading since it doesn’t promise fast profit. 146 more words

Tesla Adjusts Chinese Term Autopilot to Zi Dong fu zhu Jia Shi

SHANGHAI—Tesla Motor Inc. has revised the marketing of its Autopilot feature in China, after a Beijing driver who sideswiped a parked car when the system was engaged  230 more words

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