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Cecil Am I

Cecil was majestic and beautiful.  He was of a kingly nature.  In many ways he was both courageous and innocent.  He had a keen sense.  Surrounded by nature and a vast wilderness he had so much potential.   137 more words

How to Prevent Students from Accessing Past Canvas Sites

With Fall 2015 on the horizon, instructors might want to completely cut off students’ access to their Canvas sites from past semesters. Instructors can do this by enabling a setting called “Restrict students from viewing course after end date.” For more information and instructions on using this setting, please see: 253 more words


On Voice and Style

When newspapers or magazines talk of style, they mean how they present their news items or features. When a writer talks of it, he means voice. 147 more words


Justifying Long Term Therapy

Short post on a big topic. Anyone who I have told about my therapy can t get their head around the fact I go to a longer term therapy. 54 more words

Should the "Right to Choose" Come Before the "Right to Life"?

At what point does it become illegal to murder someone? Should the “right to choose” come before the “right to life”?

While women’s civil rights are important, the termination of a pregnancy is the ending of an innocent life and should be regulated and less accessible to the general public. 500 more words

National Security Council: Jonathan Pollard's parole 'in no way linked to foreign policy considerations'

It was only a few days ago that people like Washington Examiner managing editor Philip Klein were calling it “outrageous” that the Obama administration was considering… 263 more words

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11 Interesting Spider Facts!

The term spiders encompasses a wide range of spiders almost as diverse…