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Mein Kampf: Will Expiration of Copyright Lead to the Rise of Far-Right?

The EU Copyright Term Directive harmonizes the term of copyright for literary works across Europe at 70 years after the death of the author. Once copyright expires, the work passes into the public domain and can be used by anyone without obtaining permission from the author or another right-holder. 636 more words


"addicted" To Horror Movies?!?

I seem to have a long term “addiction” to or obsession with horror movies, dark suspense thrillers, and psychological thrillers. This would not be such a problem except that I am running into things that I find deeply disturbing; things that cause me extremely terrible nightmares and exacerbate my PTSD symptoms and anxiety levels to no end. 41 more words

Is Avoiding Probate Really Necessary?

You may come across mention of the term probate avoidance if you are poking around looking for estate planning information. This can make you wonder if avoiding probate is really necessary. 148 more words

Do not call me!

I’ve had it with people calling me pretending to be nice to me. I’ve had it with companies calling me and when I ask them “Where did you see my resume” and I get some kind of crappy answer of “I don’t know where I saw it” Or ‘I didn’t see your name, my assistant did”. ¬† 1,301 more words


Term Life Insurance Options | Getting the right plan

Insurance offers a variety of Term Life Insurance options to provide you with flexibility to build an insurance program based on your individual needs

Comeback is real

Comeback is real, is a term which we often use in our game called LoL or League of Legends. It was like being in a do or die situation or a complicated situation were wining is not part of any outcome. 38 more words