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Mall Food: Bite's Dark Secret

Melanie and I were passing through Terminal 21 to grab a quick bite to eat before we hopped on the BTS for the first time. We remembered that floor G had a bunch of food options on it. 541 more words


Dessert? Thai-abetes

I feel like I need to go to a different mall other than Terminal 21. I’ve been there twice now and I’ve spent hours there as well as 1000+ Baht. 544 more words


Burgers with Rice Buns

If you’re ever in Bangkok, check out Terminal 21. The mall is entertaining, plus they’ve got a bunch of different restaurants to choose from. On level G, there’s a place called MOS Burger. 671 more words


Where Have All the Labia Gone?

Melanie and i went back to Terminal 21. Melanie saw a store that made her giggle and told me that, “I had to see this.” She’s definitely was… 536 more words


Getting Taco in Thailand

(Skip to the bottom if you want to find a different kind of taco in Thailand)

I’d say once a week, I crave some food from back home. 716 more words


Bread Talk and Bread Fornication


I’m pretty sure I’ve had sex dreams about stores like this. This place has scones, bread, doughnuts, and other tasty pastries. I didn’t get to go in to the last Bread Talk I had seen due to my tummy issues. 517 more words


Terminal 21: Airport-themed Mall

We had heard about a mall that had really cheap food. Being an avid fans of eating, we wanted to check it out. The weekends are time for exploration and more reckless dietary choices. 768 more words