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Watch "Samoan mother with brittle bone disease struggles to look after her baby" on YouTube

This video touched me so deeply at every level.

I was petrified of holding Vic as a baby.  I was even more petrified of anyone else holding my baby.    287 more words

Terminal Illness

Why I Do Not Count Down the Days to Summer Break

Ahhhh………..Spring break. In the chill of February, we know it is just around the corner. The thought of a week-long break from school and the possibility of warmer weather help to get us through those cold winter months. 676 more words


I Will Treasure Today, and Miss Yesterday

I saw a quote fly through my Facebook page yesterday. It hit me hard as I have lost a few good friends. One I had never met in person, but knew well from Facebook. 351 more words


One Of These Is Not The Same, Or Is She?

One of these is not the same. Can you tell which one?

They are all sweet little girls, happy, bright-eyed, full of love, full of hope and have a lifetime of memories to make. 535 more words


The Beauty of not being good enough - (Getting "Cut" from the team)

My daughter got cut from the varsity volleyball team this fall. Having poured herself into that sport for the last four years and with dreams to even play in college, it was a blow of colossal proportions. 1,016 more words

Terminal Illness

A Not-So-Typical Birth-Mother Letter

You may never know how truly grateful we are for your decision to choose adoption for your unborn baby. There were other choices you could have made but you chose life and another family to raise your precious child. 712 more words


Terminal Disease

My daughter is at work. My granddaughter is ill and dad took her to the clinic for medications. I am here at home with the dog and the cat. 1,032 more words

Multiple System Atrophy