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When I was 30, I got married. When I was 33, my husband died. Almost seven years later, I have learned a lot about myself, about grief, and about how to start again. 994 more words


Thank You, Little Sister. 

Hey Jenna:
I know you saw a lot more happen with mom’s decline than I did since you moved and I stayed in New York. I’m sorry I left you to deal with that all physically by yourself but I knew you were stronger than I was. 476 more words

Huntingtons Disease

Women with Terminal Illness Gives Back

Anika Steed, 12th                                                                                        March, 18 2017

A decade and a half ago a local a Columbus woman was diagnosed with a terminal illness. She went to the doctor because of lumps under her left arm that indicated she had cancer. 394 more words

Student Life

Can We Please Talk About Death?

My Mum died. I didn’t lose her – she was in the lounge. She didn’t pass anything, death isn’t an exam and what does ‘pass away’ even mean?! 537 more words


Last Rights

How fleeting this life?

The flipping of a car.

A misdiagnosed scar.

How fleeting this life?

The burning last thought…Never too far.


Here & Now - Lisa Marie Davis

“He silently cursed Cyrus Carson for that – for walking in and creating waves where Jaxon simply didn’t want them.”


In a word: Read the thing. 1,774 more words



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Death is the most bitter reality of life, and when someone you love is terminally-ill, it’s hard to deal with it. 135 more words

Moran Cee