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More than two years ago, my brother Charlie came to Louisville for a final visit.  My brother was terminally ill with bone cancer.  His medical history revealed a wounded life, triple bypass heart surgery, heart attacks, diabetes, breast cancer, hip surgery, kidney disease, and a pacemaker all gathered together with drug therapies that filled volumes of medical records.  291 more words


In Search of a Hero

I’ve never been one to succumb to hero-worship.  Sure, as a child, and even as an impressionable young adult, I’ve had crushes on some people to whom I’ve looked up.  366 more words

June's prayers for the people.

I’m not actually a very nice person,” June said, as she ushered me into her home.

It was our first and only face-to-face meeting, although our connection traced to before either of us was born. 2,226 more words

Among Friends

GRIEF and her partners

A patient’s family, friends and medical staff (caregiver, CNA, hospice nurse, chaplain) become the patient’s support system and eventually the patient’s world (especially during a terminal illness). 768 more words


Gift Of A Wedding - Read this - it's important

This is a silly, happy blog. I make no apologies for it – the world needs more silliness, and fewer inspirational memes.

But life is hard sometimes, and the greatest of loves can be turned upside down by the illness or loss of a partner. 428 more words


Terminal illness (psychiatric style) aka suicide

One of the side effects of having a chronic psychiatric illness is that you spend a lot of time in hospital, treatment and therapy groups.  One of the great aspects of this is all the amazing people I’ve had a chance to meet along my journey.  1,160 more words

The ramifications of physician-assisted death legalization

It was very painful and almost unbearable to see my grandmother suffer from an incurable illness during the last few days of her life. She laid down on her bed, motionless and silent, and looked emaciated and vulnerable. 718 more words