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Good As New

They picked me out of a hodgepodge toy box
and placed me in a white bed of angels, white-smocked
boys and girls stood over me with pencils and erasers… 337 more words


Medical fund for Dr. Beth Haile

Yesterday I was saddened by news that Dr. Beth Haile, a moral theologian and major contributor to the Catholic Moral Theology website, has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. 242 more words


Facing death as we enter a new year

Don’t panic when you read my title; all is well in my world.

I’ve been feeling a twinge of guilt for not having posted to my blog recently. 289 more words


Who is a liar ?

Who is the liar?
Whoever denies that Jesus is the Christ.
Whoever denies the Father and the Son, this is the antichrist.
Anyone who denies the Son does not have the Father, 138 more words

New Yorker Article, Letting Go: What should medicine do when it cant save your life?

Happy new year everyone. For my end of the year blog post, I would like you to reflect on modern medicine and palliative care. Death and dying is a sore subject, and in the western world it seems, so many focus on a cure. 152 more words

Next Year

Though my body has betrayed me…

I’ll proceed with next year’s plans.

Springtime in Paris!

Summer on Puget Sound!

Fall in Maine!

And Winter?

Yes…Winter! 58 more words

My DayOne- Day 1

Isn’t she lovely?! I am captivated by my mother’s smile in this picture. My mom is my¬†DayOne. While God was forming me in her womb, she was loving me before her eyes laid upon me. 593 more words