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Letters to Mama: #2

Dear Moming,

I’m writing you this from a sketchy little café in Haga. It’s very community center meets club house of the local knitting society. Across from where I’m sitting is a quirky Asian woman who reeks of pot and exclaimed “What? 654 more words


Alone in the Quiet

There is an unexpected and often unwelcome quiet that sneaks up on you after you loved one passes away.

It tiptoes just outside, in the hallway  your conscious thought. 595 more words


No One is Immune to Tragedy

Everyday I live by the motto anything can happen in a day so live for the moment and don’t worry about tomorrow. There’s been many events and situations that occurred in my life but one day in particular changed my life forever — Thursday, August 4, 2016. 545 more words

Everyday Life

Life With Gus

We are going on three weeks since the news came of Gus’ health issues. We have fallen into a new routine to accommodate his needs and keep home clean. 805 more words

Fortitude in Hindsight by Brian Hool

A reflective look on illness and death since the new millennium

The purpose of this book is two-fold, one to explain the concept of your mortal death in spiritual terms. 100 more words

Non Fiction

5 Heartbreaking Yet Necessary Ways To Love And Support Your Mother Through Terminal Illness

Encourage her

She is going to tell you about her future plans, and she’s going to make promises she’s not going to be able to keep. 530 more words

August Aftermath 1

Visited my Dad yesterday; made him a peach cobbler. He’s having a hard time emotionally….still misses Mom(who passed 12/3/2014); despite their separation and divorce, they stayed close and Dad loved her. 582 more words

Brothers And Sisters