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Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants

The potential triggers in this movie are: sexual themes, sexual gestures, death of a parent, swearing, death, candles, blood, abuse, child abuse, medical procedures, terminal illness, hospitalization.  40 more words


When Social Media is too much

Recently, one of my former coworkers made the decision to be placed in home hospice after treatment complications from a long illness. Through the course of her illness, she followed all the rules, took care of herself during treatment, kept a positive attitude and fought a very brave battle. 388 more words

Αλέξανδρος Βέλιος: Φοβάμαι τον πόνο, όχι το θάνατο

Ο συγγραφέας δημοσιογράφος που διεκδικεί το δικαίωμά του στην ευθανασία μιλά για το πώς είναι να πεθαίνεις από ανίατη ασθένεια…

Είναι ντροπή να αργείς, έστω δέκα λεπτά, σε ένα ραντεβού.



Hello dear reader!

Don’t be fooled, while the title and picture may lead you to believe that this blog post is all about Beyoncé‘s iconic album, it is in fact about terminal illness. 687 more words

Young Adult


I have a lot of things to say today.

Or…for a few days, really. Not necessarily these specific things, but…I have felt very talkative without anyone to say the words to. 1,258 more words

End of Life Act a ‘Comfort’ when pain becomes unbearable

Since Retired U.S. Army sergeant Matt Fairchild was diagnosed with stage-two melanoma several years ago, cancer has continued to spread through his lymph nodes, bones and brain. 82 more words


Man Takes His Dog Diagnosed with Cancer on One Last Epic Road Trip

This is such a touching story! What a wonderful thing for an owner to do for their terminal animal. He’ll have so many memories with her to think back on once her life’s journey is over. 647 more words