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on vulnerability

this post was first published on my personal social media accounts on the 17th of august, 2016, four days after the death of jess jacobs. 220 more words

hospice admission criteria

Making the decision to go on hospice is a very tough and stressful one. You might ask questions like “what do i do to receive hospice care?” or “what is the criteria for hospice admission?” Or “what is required to have prior to receiving hospice care?” This article will give you information regarding hospice admission criteria. 515 more words


Review: One Last Song - S. K. Falls

Why did I decide to read One Last Song? The cover looked beautiful. The main character has Munchausen Syndrome (this isn’t a spoiler as she talks about it from the beginning).  351 more words


Dealing with terminal illness

If you were diagnosed with a terminal illness what would be your last wishes? Would you fight for your life or comfort your last days? Looking back at your life will you feel satisfaction of completing your purpose or the hunger for more time? 502 more words


A Monster Calls

I hadn’t heard anything at all of A Monster Calls at all, off the back of my boyfriend’s recommendation, we went to see it on New Year’s Day. 760 more words


Let The Dying Live!

“You’ve got this life and while you’ve got it, you’d better kiss like you only have one moment, try to hold someone’s hand like you will never get another chance to, look into people’s eyes like they’re the last you’ll ever see, watch someone sleeping like there’s no time left, jump if you feel like jumping, run if you feel like running, play music in your head when there is none, and eat cake like it’s the only one left in the world!”

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Coping Skills


Oh John Green! What a painfully sweet love story you conjured!

I have always wondered how writers create the stories that reach out of the pages of a book to leave an indelible mark in the mind and heart of a reader.I mean who thinks up such heart warming lines like: 567 more words