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Artificial nutrition via feeding tubes myths and facts

Recently the scientific community has taken a closer look at the use of artificial nutrition and hydration to see if there is good evidence that these treatments are useful.  1,578 more words


'Take Your Sedatives and boo!' Vatican Blackstar commands ' The Withholding of sedation of the Dying saying the dying should be kept conscious ' to satisfy vatican doctrine.

David Bowie died of terminal cancer on 10 January 2016. In his song Blackstar he sings about the blasphemous papacy who call themselves the great I Am in place of christ, and in character Bowie sings as this evil blackstar, ‘I Ma take you home – take your passport and shoes – take your sedatives and boo! 2,364 more words



Today was a challenging day for me.   As fate would have it, I learned that someone I care about is ill, very ill.   Further complicated by a parting of ways between us.   1,019 more words

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Gary Bettman Could Learn A Thing or Two From Rodger Goodell About How To Run A League

It’s no secret that Gary Bettman and Roger Goodell are two of the most hated men in North America. On one hand you have a guy trying to move hockey as far from the Canadian border as possible and on the other, you have a guy who has an undying erection for commercial breaks. 930 more words


I deeply sympathise with the parents of Charlie Gard, but perhaps the kindest thing is to let him go

I can understand his parents’ rage and their determination to fight for their child, because my nephew was brain-damaged and trapped in a coma last year from which he never recovered… 159 more words

The Muslim Times

Mom captures moment 3-year-old boy comforts his terminally ill baby brother

PERTH, Australia — A mother of two shared a heartwarming and heartbreaking moment between her two sons while on vacation — and it has since gone viral. 364 more words


Taking "I Can" to "I Can't": the shift to power

If you ever need a couch moved up a flight of stairs, I’m your girl.  Seriously.

Placing the full-size sofa on its side, I positioned it at the proper angle, took a deep breath, then pushed.   784 more words

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