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Abortion Pills: A Right Choice For Women Terminating 7-9 Weeks Gestation

For many women, putting an end to a pregnancy is a difficult decision. When the woman does not seems comfortable to discuss the abortion or alternatives with her family members or a doctor, we advise her to talk regarding the issue with a good friend or a relative. 532 more words

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Whose womb is it anyway? NI Court shrinks from abortion law reform

The Attorney General for Northern Ireland and the Department of Justice (appellants) v The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission (respondent)   NICA 42 (29 June 2017) – … 2,154 more words

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Case Tysiac a/ Poland, 2007, ECHR

“Take the poor woman to the fact, make her bear full responsibility for the fault and its consequences and threaten her with years of imprisonment if, in despair, she decides to get rid of this burden too heavy for her: This is the philosophy of the legislation which, it should be emphasized, was elaborated by men “ 616 more words

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Abortion - Is it really a murder?

Ah, the sticky, controversial topic that hovers around us like a shadow.

This controversy stems from society and its way of life, religion and its beliefs and the law and how it is interpreted. 1,344 more words

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Can other dosages of Mifepristone can be taken to complete abortion?

The recommended regimen for medical abortion

The prescribed and recommended dosage by most medical experts for MTP abortion kit is – 1 Mifepristone tablet and 4 Misoprostol tablets . 218 more words

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Welcome To Linda Abortion Pill Clinic and Prices in Johannesburg

Do you want to get or know how much is an abortion pill price in Johannesburg? Linda Women’s abortion Clinic specialises in medcal abortion only. If you are a woman, you have many decisions to make when you want to do abortion.

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The Mother I didn't become.

There is another reason I find mother’s day difficult.  It’s not one I have ever spoken about in public.

I had an abortion.  I don’t regret the actual deed but I do often think about the child that nearly was and the mother I haven’t become. 333 more words