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Luxury Phone Brand Releases New Model

Vertu has released a new handcrafted luxury phone that high rolling executives may want to pick up. For a few thousand dollars, you can own a phone today with a scratch protective screen made from 100 carats of sapphire crystal. 21 more words


Behold, The Mercedes Golf Cart of the Future

Professional golfer Phil Mickelson may have won the British Open last weekend, but Mercedes-Benz won the competition for the best golf cart – or concept for one. 277 more words


That's Rich: Hermès Is Selling A $91,500 Crocodile T-shirt

Sorry, Hanes. Move over, Fruit of the Loom. Cotton may want to be the fabric of our lives, but some prefer to wear crocodile. Revered French fashion house Hermès has debuted a crocodile t-shirt as part of its Spring/Summer 2013 menswear collection made. 268 more words


Unveiled: Steve Jobs' Luxury Yacht, Designed with Phillipe Starck

Apple founder Steve Jobs was the master of the less-is-more aesthetic. His recently unveiled luxury yacht shows that his design vision extended far beyond iPhones, iPads and laptops. 268 more words


Have $50 Million? That Will Get You a Two-Bedroom Apartment in Manhattan

It’s no secret that Manhattan housing prices are astronomical compared to anywhere else in the nation, but it’s probably the only place imaginable where a cool $50 million doesn’t even get you a third bedroom. 342 more words


The Latest Symbol of Asian Opulence: Handmade, Customized Cars

Here’s a dilemma for a Chinese multi-millionaire: what do you do after you’ve bought your $1.5 million Tibetan Mastiff puppy, given your lady a… 304 more words


Titanic II: Retro Genius, or Just Another Bad Remake?

If the James Cameron 3D release of Titanic wasn’t a realistic enough experience for those fascinated by the ill-fated ship, an Australian billionaire will now make it possible to sail on an exact replica of the… 369 more words