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AdSense relevant terms that you should understand

AdSense relevant terms that you must know

Right here is the list of AdSense relevant terms that you must know for sure:

Page impression: A page impression is generally the like a page view however the variety of page impressions can sometimes be different than the page views. This occurs whenRead more…

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مصطلحات اللعبة

زي ما كان في الموضوع الأول اللي بيتكلم عن المصطلحات الدارجة اللي ممكن تستعمل في اللعبة, الموضوع ده هيتكلم عن المصطلحات بتاعة اللعبة بس و ممكن تستخدم في ألعاب تانية بالذات لو من نفس النوع


Movable feasts

If you really want to upset someone, mess up their holiday dates.

Despite that being well-known, ten years ago our local council decided to do just that, allegedly in transition to a six term school year. 523 more words




To press or beat a food to remove lumps and make a smooth mixture

Personal experience:

I used to think how mashing can only be used for dishes and not drinks until i went to a nearby drink store and ordered for my favourite drink which was the sugar cane. 51 more words


Early Returns Show Greeks Reject Terms of E.U. Bailout


ATHENS — Greek voters appeared to decisively reject a bailout deal offered by the country’s creditors two weeks ago, an outcome that could redefine the country’s place in Europe and shake the Continent’s financial stability. 1,622 more words

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Mortgage Terms Everyone Should Know- Round Three

They say all good things come in threes…

Finish up your overview of the mortgage market with the third part of our mortgage terminology overview!  All of those questions you had regarding terms that went way over your head can be answered!  162 more words

Learn commonly used dryer terms to make sure you're making an educated purchas

You may be an expert on everything from lint filters to permanent press, but there are plenty of exciting new innovations in laundry technology showing up in today’s dryers you may not know about. 19 more words