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Who decides what terms apply to Blockchain?

Companies are finding interesting uses for blockchain. Wave is seeking to simplify maritime trade established over hundreds of years. In place of bills of lading other transitional documents, … 374 more words


Introduction Part 2: Key Terms

Stereotypes are “oversimplified images of a person or group.”1 We often rely on stereotypes as behavioral indictors that are engrained in society. They help us anticipate how to interact with the people we encounter in our daily lives. 576 more words


Politicians can’t fix their upbringing, but must fix their mindsets: Ho Peng Kee on being in touch with the ground

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

Former Senior Minister of State Ho Peng Kee talks to 938LIVE about how he went from being “just a happy university professor” to ascending the ranks as an unlikely politician. 5,910 more words

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I'm 25 today, so here are 25 PR terms...

“Did you see that huge hit for X client? I am receiving a lot of great traction for that pitch angle!”

If you are a veteran of the PR world, you most likely read the above sentence and understood its meaning perfectly; you maybe even have had a slight, victorious smile on behalf of your fellow pro in the trenches. 1,106 more words

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The Coverage of the Hernandez and Stephens Suicides

The news picked up on two stories of murderers who took their own lives this week. The first was Steve Stephens, otherwise known as “The Facebook Murderer,” and the second was Aaron Hernandez, the former New England tight end. 326 more words

SCOTT GALLOWAY: Investing in Snap is something 'no one responsible should ever do'

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

Scott Galloway is a marketing professor at the NYU Stern School of Business and the founder of business intelligence firm L2. Galloway stopped by Business Insider to talk about the biggest names in tech.  264 more words

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Peas and Carrots - Afterthought 54


Vacation recaps!  Settling if we’re too mean about LARPing.  Questions from you!  It’s an action packed adventure through wonderment and buffoonery!