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Phases of erotic moon

Big water pumpkin
Like his yellow vision,
poured down with pale vagina.
We kiss and penetrate
Your’s water melon.
Like mine green metaphor.
We suck down with imagination. 74 more words


Some Terms And Facts About Interior Design

Interior design is defined as the art or process of designing the internal decoration of a room or building.

How Do I Find My Canvas Sites from Past Semesters?

The “How Do I . . .” series gives instructions on how to use Canvas features and tools. If you have any questions about what’s covered in this series, please contact Courseware Support at canvas@pobox.upenn.edu. 474 more words


Vocabulary, Part II

  1. Enervate (verb) – to weaken; to reduce in vitality
  2. Ennui (noun) – dissatisfaction and restlessness resulting from boredom or apathy
  3. Equivocate (verb) – to use ambiguous language with a deceptive intent (adj.
  4. 271 more words


We are only now beginning to understand the complexity that makes up the human system. As little as 50 years ago, scientist thought that if they mapped out all the human genes, we would be able to understand exactly how we worked. 642 more words


Permaculture principles

Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction and integrated water resources management that develops sustainable architecture, regenerative and self-maintained habitat and agricultural systems modeled from natural ecosystems.[1][2] The term permaculture (as a systematic method) was first coined by Australians Bill Mollison and David Holmgren in 1978. 3,169 more words


Removing whole GroupSet from term store

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation when you will need to remove all terms from your termstore. Then you’ll find a horrible news. You can’t perform delete on term group without removing all terms within. 73 more words