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Unfair Contract Terms are Costly for Small Businesses

Over half (52%) of small firms have been stung by unfair contract terms with suppliers, costing nearly £4 billion in the last three years, according to new research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). 126 more words

THAC0 - Afterthought 39


TOTALLY EXTREME!  We get around to explaining the concept of hitting Armor Class 0, which was noticeably missing from our recent review of AD&D 2nd Edition.  17 more words


The power of categories



Nonbinary (or Enby / NB)

Gender non-conforming



These are all terms I use to describe my gender. There are dozens more… 671 more words

The What

A Difference in Terms

Whether you are a beginner or have been crocheting for a long time, sometimes the terms can be more than a little confusing and it requires you to use additional brain power to work out what on earth the pattern is talking about! 297 more words


See a way out

We all are born alone , yes we come through the parents, but alone we come into the world. And every one dies alone, again moves out of the world alone. 162 more words


Fun literary terms

Omission and allusion: The Iceberg Theory

Proposed by Ernest Hemingway, it is the minimalist writing of shallow facts, without further explanation, to let the reader decide the real meaning of the scene or dialogue. 300 more words

Literary Resources

Financial Terms Explained (Pt2)

The main way we can protect ourselves in the world of finance has always been knowledge. Banks and financial agencies are masters of this and will employ “technical” terms, even use the law to rid you of your hard-earned dollars. 146 more words