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Freedom of Expression Targeted by Gunmen at "Draw Mohammed" Contest

A “Draw Mohammed” contest was held in Texas over the weekend. As one might expect, it led to violent reprisals from reactionaries. During the course of the weekend’s festivities, two gunmen drove up to the gates of the venue and opened fire, resulting in a gun fight that injured one police officer and saw the death of both gunmen. 404 more words

Yemen: Arabia Saudita opreste atacurile rebelilor la frontiera

Trupele saudite au respins un atac major la granita tarii pus la cale de rebelii Houthi din Yemen.

Raidurile aeriene desfasurate de coalitia condusa de Arabia Saudita au lovit rebelii musulmani shiiti inca de la sfarsitul lunii martie. 118 more words

Nigeria: Grup de oameni salvat din mainile teroristilor

Armata nigeriana anunta ca a salvat inca un grup de persoane rapit de organizatia Boko Haram si care era tinut ostatic intr-o padure.

Generalul Chris Olukolade a declarat ca un grup mare de persoane inclusiv femei si copii au fost eliberate din mainile teroristilor dintr-o padure, in urma unui incendiu de proportii care a distrus tabara Boko Haram si a ucis cativa militanti. 116 more words

Irak: Noi ocupari de teritorii de catre ISIS

Luptatorii au pus stapanire pe un baraj si o baza care oferea paza acestuia, inaintarea teroristilor in zona Ramadi facand civilii sa paraseasca zona.

Teroristii din gruparea Statul Islamic au cucerit un baraj si baza militara care se ocupa de paza acestuia in provincia Anbar. 151 more words


Pakistan has a lot to learn from Algerian history, where for more than a century the cycle of violence was unending, until someone decided to bring the warring factions together, and make a peace policy that worked. 1,613 more words


De urmarit pentru cei cu legile Big Brother in gura

In one of the world’s largest — and fastest — efforts to collect biometric information, Pakistan has ordered cellphone users to verify their identities through fingerprints for a national database being compiled to curb terrorism. 40 more words