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Black and White Kitchen

We started construction on the black and white kitchen this week. Demo started Monday, and the new hardwoods and drywall were already in by Friday. 341 more words

Interior Design

Guastavino Tiles / Boston Valley Terra Cotta

Boston Valley manufactures tiles for both restoration and new construction projects which utilize this vault and arch system. Rafael Guastavino was a Spanish architect, engineer and builder who designed the system after Catalan vault techniques and popularized its use in construction in the late 1800s. 162 more words

Studio William Hefner

Clay Tiles Were a Steal - Now What To Do With Them?

I picked up these tiles, which hadn’t seen the light of day for a few decades at least. I think he bought them and put them away, because his wife didn’t know they existed until the estate sale was held. 96 more words


Terracotta Wall and Floor Tiles

Terracotta Wall and Floor Tiles  

Terracotta tiles, from the Latin terra cotta meaning baked earth are just that:

Terracotta is a traditional, authentic flooring tiles that possess a warmth, a charm and a character, often missing from more contemporary factory produced alternatives . 428 more words

Terracotta Floor Tiles

Have I Mentioned...

…that we haven’t actually closed on the house yet? Well, we haven’t. Friday is the big day as long as the stars align properly. Meanwhile, I am busy devising a plan of attack that will allow us to maximize our money and limit the amount of furniture we have to schlep from one end of the house to the other. 153 more words


My terrace needs new tiles.  Pretty terra cotta ones.  But first the old ones have to be cracked and bagged.  Then 6″ of concrete has to be jackhammered….and crammed into little white bags………each weighing 50 pounds. 147 more words