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Dan Dare: Trip to Trouble

To give them their due, Odhams did genuinely think that Dan Dare had gone stale, and that what was needed was an injection of action: shorter stories, less characterisation. 837 more words

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Dan Dare: Terra Nova Part 2

                                                                                          A bit different…

The truth was, there wasn’t that much that was radically different about Frank Bellamy’s first Dan Dare page, on the cover of… 1,533 more words

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Dan Dare: Terra Nova Part 1

Where The Man from Nowhere had imbalanced itself by stretching the journey from Earth out to fully half the length of the story, by 1959, Frank Hampson had learned better. 424 more words

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Dan Dare: Safari in Space

Whatever the truth of the final weeks of The Phantom Fleet, Frank Hampson had used the time well to plan the next phase of Dan Dare’s adventures. 1,331 more words

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date night

This is what I wore last night for an impromptu date night. Neither of us felt like cooking, so I got into this flowy dress and out of my work clothes as fast as I could and we were off to Cactus Club. 170 more words


Television Shows You Should Totally Check Out!

So, I’m addicted to television shows and it would be cool to tell you guys (even though I only have one reader. Thank you @Xanziepan ) some shows that I’m really interested in. 106 more words


20 One-Season Shows for Background Binge-Viewing on Netflix

While there’s nothing quite like getting so wrapped up in binge-watching a great television series that you can’t tear your eyes away from the screen or your body away from the couch, there’s also something to be said for the shows that only demand about half of your attention. 1,314 more words