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DNCB Outing No. 2017-44 to Terra Nova Park, Richmond

More photos at our DNCB Flickr site

Eighteen DNCBers spent a cold but dry Tuesday morning at Terra Nova Park in Richmond.  It was a particularly successful outing with several rare and photogenic sightings (e.g. 789 more words


Jurassic Park - the most important fan theory and the franchise future which never was

Let me get one thing out of the way first: I hate Jurassic World. My opinion on the film is often dismissed due to the assumption that I hate it because of scientific inaccuracies, when really I think it is a terrible film which failed to understand what was good about the original  961 more words

the expedition to terra nova

A new beginning so it seemed. A place full of hidden treasures was calling me to reveal its beautiful secrets. Excited and nervous at the same time about what the following 72h would bring me, I jumped into my next adventure and stepped on the plane towards unknown. 1,484 more words


Wanders in...Newfoundland (part two)

We arrived in Bonavista in the evening. The town marks the point where the explorer Giovanni Caboto first spied the slightly desolate shoreline of Newfoundland. Sailing under the English flag, Giovanni’s name was promptly anglicised to John Cabot, the name to which the Newfoundlanders affectionately remember him by. 575 more words


5 TV Shows killed off early

Ratings are everything for TV shows but what we consider high viewing figures here in the UK don’t translate to high figures in the US and because of that various TV shows get cancelled far too early. 524 more words


Kit review: How to have a “sardine experience” in a tent

The label clearly said “two-man tent” but I was dubious about that definition. They were two bloody small men by my calculations. Maybe the manufacturers were basing it on men who had trekked for a hundred days and nights through brutal extremes, living off foraged food and who had lost half their body weight – oh and were really short. 555 more words