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Crackdown 3 - Roxy's Monorail Hub SHAKEDOWN (non-commentary)

Steve runs through more of the campaign and takes on Roxy’s Monorail Hub! Join the next fight by following LIVE on Mixer: SteveScotland.



Terra Nova part 2

Captain Scott had re-joined his ship at Cape Town for the voyage to Australia but, as the expedition was always short of money, public speaking and fund raising took priority. 950 more words

Social History

Terra Nova

Captain Scott’s Discovery (previous post) wasn’t available for his second, fatal, Antarctic expedition in 1910, forcing him to find the best ship he could afford from a very short list of suitable vessels. 691 more words



Well, it was nice knowing you summer. You were late coming to the party, brought a few nice days with you and in the blink of an eye you up and left us again. 720 more words

Short Stacks #2 // Dutch Edition // From Fairytales to a...Violent Child?

On occasion I pick up some short stories and novella’s by Dutch authors. Some of these you will know as they are known internationally and others are only known here. 624 more words


Steve's Stream Series - Crackdown 3 (commentary) PART 3

Steve travels to another part of the map to destroy more electric fences and fortresses. Bare mind, the enemy is littered throughout every step.

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The summer is hot, so is this news

Yes, if you are suffering the European heatwave, all you can think about is getting cool, shade and perhaps winter. To get your mind of things, I have some news to share. 163 more words