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Clever design work on the terrace

The work on site has unfortunately been set back by the recent return of very cold weather which has delayed again the installation of the zinc roof. 229 more words

The New Building

Home Sweet Home

Welcome to an amazing terrace with an outstanding view. Just 400 meters from BTS Nana.
This unit is great in all ways! Nice, Neat, Great location, Well planned and just great. 31 more words

Real Estate

Adios San Miguel --> Hola Miraflores!

Welcome back! It has been ages since my last post, so let us do some catching up!

First and foremost, I promised my new friend, Veruzka (a friend of Oriana’s in Venezuela), that I would make a post about and for Venezuela in Spanish! 780 more words


A big difference between Indoor and Outdoor planting

What if I say that the food that we are eating food in today’s time is healthy or unhealthy? or We know of the danger processed food – instances of artificially dyed green, adulterated oils, and hormone-ridden milk make the news often.Organic food is niche, as more people learn of the downfalls of chemical agriculture.They move towards artificially treated processed foods is said to be largely driven by consumers, by our growing appetites for perfectly shaped, blemish- and pest-free fruits and vegetables, better transportability, and year-round availability. 258 more words

Alver | 알베르

We had a holiday weekend last month, which meant I had a whole day to hang out in a cafe by myself~ Apparently lots of other people thought the same thing, because this place was packed. 400 more words

Date Spot

Le Babylone, Paris

Terrasse avec vue sur l’infiniment luxueux Bon Marché !

Caffè Toraldo chez Iovine’s, après la pizza Napolitaine dégustée dans la cave à vins de la Grande Épicerie.

For Colors

A Fragrant Foodie Weekend in Zanzibar, Tanzania

TL:DR Stone Town, capital of Zanzibar is a secret foodie heaven. Day one: devour delicious smoothies at Lazuli, discover the delight of street food ‘Zanzibar Mix’, sink sundowners atop Africa Houses’ roof and feast at Forodhani night market. 1,316 more words

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