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Taking Advantage of the Summer Scene: Bishkek

A few weeks ago one of our Turkish guest noted something that I’ve since noticed everywhere: while Bishkek has these long, beautiful stretches of park, very few businesses take advantage of the city’s outdoors.   738 more words


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I recently discovered the chili plant is actually a tomato plant and is bearing tiny tomatoes.

Its a labeling mistake, which led me to believe it was a chili plant, but after the plant started bearing fruits, it was easily understandable that i had mistake as tomato started growing on them.

Well beginner’s mistake.


GP#16: Simple Things In Life

I put together our new outdoor table and I feel so restored it’s like no one called me a bitch on my twice-as-long-as-normal commute.

I am currently growing hyancinth, many colea, cilantro, rosemary, pineapple sage, italian oregano, lemon thyme, mojito mint, two tubs of chives, lavender (mine died this winter, so it’s a newb), three containers of wildflowers from seed, dill, lemonbalm, two types of strawberries, two kinds of peppers (one sweet, one hot), basil, goldilocks vine, New Guinea impatiens, asiatic lily, lenten rose, AND sweet caroline — it is making everything better in my life. 393 more words