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what it's like to spend chinese new year in australia

Yes, I know the politically correct term would be Lunar New Year but I’m Chinese, therefore I am calling it Chinese New Year. Spending the holiday there actually wasn’t planned. 271 more words


Throwback Thursday - Our Trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum

One of the commitments Matt and I made to each other and to our then-future child when we decided to adopt from China was that we would pursue incorporating Chinese culture into our family’s life. 575 more words


Terracotta Warriors: The Mysterious "Eighth" Wonder of the World

I finally got to see the so-called eighth wonder of the world, the Terracotta warriors. They were made by the emperor of the same dynasty that built the Great Wall, but the statues weren’t discovered until the 1970’s. 50 more words


Terracotta Army site, China

We visited the Terracotta Army site. Discovered in 1974, by farmers sinking a well, this is a global leading archaeological dig, and designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. 791 more words


Visiting the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an

Xi’an, located in the northwest of China is probably most known for the Terracotta Warriors.

Their history is fascinating. The shortened story is that they were buried with the emperor in 210-209BCE and their purpose was to protect him during the afterlife. 244 more words