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Security measures already in place at CAM for Terracotta Warriors -- Different exhibition from one that was vandalized

Perhaps you saw the news this week  that Chinese officials are angered that someone has vandalized a Chinese terracotta warrior currently on display at the… 347 more words

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The Ancient City of Xi'an

My stay in Xi’an (pronounced: ‘she-an’/ meaning: ‘western peace’) was a wonderful experience. Located in Shaanxi province, Xi’an was once a capital of ancient China and the starting point for the famous… 740 more words


Terracotta Warriors in the Living Room...

Terracotta Warriors in the Living Room: Levels of authenticity in four exhibitions.

I have been familiar with the Chinese army of Terracotta Warriors for the past twenty years, because my father was so moved by them after seeing an exhibition in 1987, that he modelled his own versions. 713 more words


Xian was very cool. It was also very hot! Not as humid as the rest of china as not much greenery in comparison… alas, I got sunburnt again lol.The terracotta warriors were something that I wanted to see for a while and was incredibly pleased Aisha wanted to visit them too. 629 more words


2018 Charter Car to Xian Terracotta Warriors

2018 Charter Car to Xian Terracotta Warriors

2018 Charter Car to Xian Terracotta Warriors

2018 Charter Car to Xian Terracotta Warriors

Charting Car can avoid a lot of hassles, due to the language barrier, such as wasting time to find the taxi or get ripped off by taxi, or taking much effort to reach the public bus, lining up for bus tickets, researching maps, making sense of Chinese signs, etc. 195 more words

The Terracotta Warriors

A prominent museum in Philadelphia, The Franklin Institute, “is one of the oldest and premier centers of science education and development in the country”. That makes sense – Franklin himself was a more than just a thinker. 1,605 more words

Terracotta Warriors

Continuing their world tour into 2018 are the Terracotta warriors. Originally found in 1974 in China, the warriors guard the tomb of China’s first emperor Qin Shihuang. 164 more words