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Xi’an, China

Finally it’s not freezing! We arrived into a very mild Xi’an at 7am and it was so lovely not to be able to see your breath when you breath, however there is a lot more smog here. 202 more words

Gap Year

Xi'An: The terracotta warriors and CODE PURPLE!

Another day, another walled city. I hadn’t planned for this but somehow it was just very practical to do three walled cities in a row: Datong (which is in the process of rebuilding a historic city), Pingyao (which is a historic walled city) and now Xi’An, which boasts the record of having the biggest wall and is a mix of both new and old. 511 more words


Terracotta Warriors are a Treat

Day 30, Grand Asia 2017

Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017 – Xi’an, China

You can look at one or even a dozen terracotta warriors and be impressed. 379 more words


50 - Toy soldiers and lazy bears

August 29

The terracotta warriors is what people imagine when Xi’An is mentioned. It is also the beginning of the Silk Route and kind of a chinese silicon valley. 1,960 more words


A Tale of Two Relics

An old monk traveling the silk road in the fourth century stopped in the desert outside the outpost town of Dunhuang where he had a vision of a thousand Buddhas. 883 more words


Wendy Wu | Simply China

As of January 2015, I hadn’t heard of Wendy Wu tours – perhaps naïve given I love to travel. Fast forward a few months and I had booked myself on what seemed a “too cheap to pass up” all-inclusive trip to China! 1,557 more words

Terracotta Army

Originally the ancient funerary project for Emperor Qin Shi Huang, the Terracotta Army is now a museum, officially named Emperor Qinshihuang’s Mausoleum Site Museum, showing the life stories of the emperor and the once powerful Qin Empire (221 – 207BC). 62 more words