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Terracotta Warriors

Yesterday I got to see an amazing exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Art in Richmond….the Terracotta Army.¬† This whole story just fascinates me.¬† It was discovered in 1974 while farmers were digging a well.¬† 144 more words


Weekend Snapshots 55


I awoke to the sound of our son (aka Jiminy Cricket) opening our bedroom door. An early riser, he was the first to realize that powerful winds had left us power… 502 more words


How do you find good books?

For all its much vaunted “algorithms” I hate trying to find something new to read on Amazon. If I’ve got the title, or the name of a favourite author, yep, it’s a doddle to find a good book. 100 more words


Great Leap Northward IV - I left it behind through carelessness

Greetings from two tired travellers,

Today for my birthday we climbed up to JinShanLing, one of the oldest sections of the Great Wall and trundled about in fine fashion. 898 more words

Beijing And Northern China

The Ancient Terracotta Warriors - Looking Back 2000 Years...

Stepping back in history and looking at statues that were created before we even began tracking time like we do now, before the estimated time of birth of Christ, before we started contemplating  East vs. 485 more words


Terracotta Propaganda

I have long wanted to see the Terracotta Warriors – their inscrutable expressions, their individuality and the sheer amazement that so many could survive, undiscovered, until 1974 absolutely intrigues me. 343 more words


One Dark Voice - Lessons From the Other Side

It can be easy to think that our efforts, good or bad, have little effect on those around us. Stop for a moment and think about the driver who races ahead and cuts in line while everyone else took their turn, waiting patiently in a situation we all hate to be in, traffic jams. 170 more words