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Shack! [Post-apoc terrain]

I have invented a device for turning pop cans into scale-correct corrugated iron sheets. It is made from popsicle sticks. I’ve done up a quickie sample shack with the prototype. 15 more words

On the role of research in the writing process: “Had we not explored the hidden terrain of our topic, we may never have found the next story, may never have ignited a new passion that could lead us to places we never thought we’d ever go.”
~Randy LaBarge

Illusionism in Architecture: Society of the Spectacle

Today I want to talk about Guy Debord’s book Society of the Spectacle written in 1967. I have written two other articles about his beliefs and movement called “The Situationists.” Below you can find said articles… 940 more words


Lurking on the Fringes

It has been quite the long gap in posts, and I am sure more than a few people will be surprised to get a messaging popping-up on an update on this blog. 708 more words


Painting a 3D-printed Caribbean building

‘Arrr, me ‘earty – that thar 3-D printin’ is sure makin’ inroads into wargamin’, ain’t it!’ And especially so for terrain, as shown by this exciting new model from… 653 more words



Mount Si
Like a cold breath
From the lungs
Of a hot world
Where a frozen sun
Dominates the vapor
That sticks jagged
From the ground


Frostgrave game board is all most done

So with our game clubs kings of war campaign coming to a close, and as we start our AoS campaign I only have about, till mid November to get our Frostgrave campaign up and ready,I am incharge of making the terrain and compiling the house rules ready for a very anticipated campaign. 81 more words

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