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Sci Fi Landscape Framed Print

Welcome to an alien world with reflecting silver spikes and a mysterious blue orb. It’s quite cold, so visitors are encouraged to dress accordingly. This science fiction landscape design is available as a… 21 more words


Battlezones Terrain: Watchtower 1

I recently picked up the Urban Quadrant from Mantic as I plan to build a gaming table along with my Imperial Guard Army. I like the kits produced by Games Workshop but they are very expensive and frankly both of the gaming venues near me make use of the them. 195 more words


Here are the refurbished TSS tiles

So now I finished redoing the first batch of my terrain tiles. 8 river tiles and 11 hill tiles. There are a lot more tiles to be done as you can see on the pictures as I mixed old ones with the redone ones to build the table you see on the pictures. 49 more words


FIW – Sharp Practice in 6mm – Part 4 Spaghetti Fences and Warbases

Spaghetti Snake Rail Fences

I showed an idea I had in the last Sharp Practice post of using Spaghetti to make snake/split rail fences ( 551 more words


Ruined Temple

My second Amera piece is a simple ruined temple. Like the ruined tower, this is a vacuum formed plastic piece that really did not take much painting.


The Workbench - vol 1

As with all wargames, I have many projects on the go, Ideas are planned and form and are lost again without any actual work being done. 447 more words


Pulp/Horror Menagerie

I have a new 28mm WWII Polish Campaign project I’m starting and I needed to clean off my workspace. This group of “stuff” has been sitting around partially finished, so I spent some time completing it. 48 more words