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Mirage - Making a dry desert lake or Oasis

I always found deserts to be fascinating habitats. A cursory look will leave you with the impression that it is hell on earth: sandstorms, unbearable heat during the day and freezing at nighttime. 2,146 more words


Rebuilding a World for 8th Edition

I’ve always loved terrain.  It adds a certain level of drama and a narrative quality to games that can really set a match off as something truly cinematic.  471 more words

Terrain update 18/01/18

Terrain generation continues unabashed, with one eye on what is required for the upcoming Taros Campaign. As the to-do list for that project grows exponentially, I have managed to keep on the case and cracked out a bit more scatter terrain – this week, barricades! 435 more words

Warhammer 40K

Industrial Terrain

Necromunda is all over the place.  Games Workshop has done an incredible job reintroducing this game to their fans.  The setting has a strong hive city industrial feel and has people searching for some unique bits and boards. 376 more words

Warhammer 40k

Walls Walls Walls

After building my Loic Neveu terrain bits and pieces I found I still had some of his low country walls. So striking with my hot iron I quickly glued them all down to a piece of 3mm MDF to make a rough two field kind of configuration. 108 more words


12 days to Frostgrave ..10

Two days remaining. The print and paint work is done, the stage is ready, and casting for the crew is made.

Each band have an expedition camp. 63 more words


The Earthscape

“On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.”
– Jules Renard