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FEW - Dragonfate Dais - Part 2

Following on from this I’ve done a bit more work on the Dragonfate Dais terrain piece for use in any and all fantasy based gaming. 443 more words


GameMatz War Zone mat

At this stage in my life, I’m fortunate to be able to game with some great guys. We enjoy different games, campaigns, different genres as well as each others’ company. 305 more words


FEW - Walls - Part 1

When it comes to terrain and scenery I have literally started from the ground up. I had nothing scenery-wise in my collection and the more I wanted to play games the more it was apparent I would need some!   465 more words


New Sylvaneth Scenery Piece Hidden in Plain Sight? - Poison Tail does Rumour-mongering

When reading my new Sylvaneth Battletome I found this curious terrain piece creeping around in the background. Could it be a kit to come?

I always remember when how the first glimpse of the “new” metal hydra was first seen on the Citadel Gaming mats side every time I roll up that green grass covered cloth up over the gaming table. 154 more words


Saga in 6mm - Part 11 - The Joy of 6 2016

I have had a few busy days since returning from the Joy of 6 show and I suppose I need to write a summary of what happened on the day. 891 more words


Painting Table Quickies

I have had a bit of time to tidy things up in the shed lately.  While packing a few things away, and moving other things about, I have been reminded about a few items that needed a little finishing off and some other bits that have been in the painting queue for what seems like forever. 292 more words