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7TV technical scenery

A great film always need great scenery, and great scenery take a long time to be built. Using mainly 15mm figures and accessories, my new 7TV set was a little bit naked. 369 more words


Next step in redoing my TSS river tiles

Over the weekend I could do a bit more work on my river tiles. Next step was painting the gravel and rocks in a basecoat brown ( I use Schminke acrylics for all my terrain painting). 106 more words


Alien Swamp Eggs

One of the great things about sci-fi terrain is it’s impossible to be wrong.Unlike games based on the real world you can go to town. I’ve not quite gone off the planet with this piece, but (hopefully) it’s not something you’d encounter in this world. 388 more words


No Man's Sky and Procedural Generation

The other day I was MUSING about procedural generation and thought I would write a bit about my opinions. ¬†With the release of No Man’s Sky, a game that was hyped as a game with innovative use of procedural generation, it seems like a timely subject. 953 more words

Game Development

Tale of Antares Gamers

Well, my Tale of Antares Gamers hasn’t gone to plan. The postie hasn’t delivered as expected and I am a good 460 points short of my goal, with no models to paint. 346 more words


Tour of the New Game Room

I just posted my first wargaming hobby video – a quick tour of my new game room! I recently moved house, and in between work and unpacking endless boxes, I’ve been gradually putting together my own space to game, paint, or just read the latest rulebook!

Bolt Action

Rifling Through

Arise, arise, blog! Live!

Well, it’s been a minute or two, but I’ve been a-hobbying lately, and have managed to finish off the 95th Rifles for my long-suffering Lasalle Light Division project. 252 more words