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Weathering While The Weather Is Bad

With the addition of the Small Shop from Sarissa Precision shown previously, I realised that I had 4 buildings now sat unpainted on a shelf.  In fact all together they no longer fitted on the shelf. 349 more words


White Dragon Miniatures - 15mm Sci-Fi & Shattered Void

I wanted to give a shout out to White Dragon Miniatures.

I first saw this company at Salute last year, when they were promoting the launch of their Kickstarter for starship combat game Shattered Void. 145 more words

15mm Gaming

The Big Flocker - Pranks About D&D Terrain Taken Too Far

A few years back one of our contributors, J, introduced me to the world of terrain building. More specifically; how to build tabletop battlegrounds for Dungeons and Dragons from scratch. 793 more words

In Poor Taste

Bulletin - Infinity Tables at Cancon 2017

The tables created for the Infinity Miniatures games are certainly one of the highlights and drawcards for people attending tournaments. Cancon 2017 was no exception to this and a few of them have even been featured recently on Bell of Lost Souls. 80 more words


Objectives And Stuff

I wanted more objectives for my Steam Wars games but these things will also work for Rogue Stars and any other sci-fi game as well. The first lot were actually sold as custom sci-fi bases, but I thought they were so good that they would work as markers in their own right. 32 more words


Enthroned in darkness - How to make a ruined shrine and flagstone bases

Last time we fashioned a diorama base featuring weathered gravestones, a gnarly autumn tree and moss-covered flagstones. As promised  in this second installment we will focus on an objective token or a small piece of scatter terrain featuring a ruined shrine and a removable birch tree. 2,595 more words


Saga Terrain - Saxon Church

Assembling ‘Timeline Miniatures’ 28mm MDF Saxon Church with LED lighting, for Saga Dark Age Skirmishes tabletop game.

As I begin assembling my Saga Terrain for an upcoming campaign, I’ve started with an initial centre-piece; the church at Fortingall, Scotland, circa 900AD. 935 more words

28mm Scenery