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The Collector Review

I saw a really great movie the other night called The Collector.  It was from 1965 and it starred Terrance Stamp and Samantha Eggar.  It was a psychological thriller about a man that kidnaps and imprisons a woman. 361 more words

Ignorance Is Bliss

Back in 1967 I left school on a Monday and started work on Tuesday the next day at MCA/Universal pictures. Now I don’t know why I left on a Monday, maybe I had to go in to sit a final exam. 738 more words

MCA/Universal Pctures

Flash Movie Review: The Art of the Steal

As each of the year’s fully read pages of my life turn over, I notice that my mind and body do not always play nice together. 411 more words


Far from the Madding Crowd - Day 571



Far from the Madding Crowd: a movie based on the novel by Thomas Hardy. I saw this when I was 9 years old and it activated a personality system based in romance and the power of unrequited love. 399 more words

The Adjustment Bureau (2011) Review

Have you ever stopped to wonder what would have happened if you’d not missed that train, or if you’d gone to a different coffee shop on a whim, or decided to stay in instead of going to that party? 502 more words


The Company of Wolves 1984

Neil Jordan’s flair for the Gothic has taken many forms, including Interview With A Vampire, In Dreams and Byzantium, but his first foray was this adaptation of Angela Carter’s feminist revision of the story of Little Red Riding Hood. 83 more words


Dr G's Random, Inconsistent, and Unqualified Film Recommendations

The Limey, Steven Soderbergh. 1999. The most sophisticated of Soderbergh’s films, a compact, nifty postmodern confection that hews close to its roots in both California noir and British gangster movies. 162 more words

Dr G's Random Inconsistent And Unqualified Film Recommendations