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Alexa Keeps Pet Snake Thermoregulated

got his hands on a pet boa constrictor, which requires a fairly strict temperature controlled environment. Its enclosure needs to have a consistent temperature throughout, or the snake could have trouble regulating its body temperature. 138 more words

Arduino Hacks

Terrarium Goings Ons

There is not much happening outside this week, a couple of skiddish squirrels, a rabbit I never get to see and a sneaky fox. The crows have been around, but they keep their distance too. 99 more words

Nature Academy Of The Berkshires

Mini Garden

Minimnya lahan terbuka di perkotaan menjadi masalah tersendiri bagi para penggemar tanaman hias. Mini garden / taman miniatur bisa menjadi solusi karena tidak membutuhkan lahan yang luas dan perawatan yang rumit. 160 more words

Semarang Garden

7 Easy Steps to Make a Terrarium

I have a newfound obsession of terrarium making! (I’m not that hipster, I swear!) They’re just so pretty, and who cannot love having cute little jars of plants growing amongst their room!? 588 more words

Darling Botanical Flower and Terrarium Shop

 Who doesn’t need a Terrarium?

And you make them yourself! Darling Botanical co. has all the supplies.

How cool is that?!!

The perfect thing for this snowy gray winter day; an opportunity to have your hands in “the dirt” and gardening when there’s 10ft of snow outside! 63 more words


DIY Winter Terrarium | Home & Crafts

As the decorations come down, at this most bleak and blue time of year, it can feel like the end of the world rather than the beginning. 832 more words