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Home improvement - a real Gerbilarium

Hi All

We have been so busy, you have no idea how much work a new home is… We got a real gerbilarium last week (mommy found a great deal for us)! 73 more words


OFC Social Market #6

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Spend your weekend at Open Farm Community‘s Social Market, now in its sixth edition. In addition to shops hawking local and artisanal produce and handicrafts, there’s also workshops for both adults and the little ones. 36 more words


DIY Plant Terrarium

Plant terrariums are the prettiest, low maintenance way of adding a bit of greenery to a space without taking up a ton of space. This idea is great if you live in a small condo, are new to plants or even if you want to add a little décor in an empty space. 99 more words

Interior Design


Są ludzie, jacy lubią szczurki, konie i inne milutkie zwierzęta, a są też osoby, którzy opiekują się bardziej innymi zwierzątkami między innymi jak ptaszniki. Opieka nad… 330 more words


Update 10 September 2016

Most of my waking time has been spent in the studio, a space far away from writing by every metric, physically divided by three floors and the insufficient reach of my wifi, mentally by the half of my brain that deals in shapes and movements, that taking over the hermit crab section which sits, watches and records. 340 more words

My first & very own Terrariums

Had a department staff bonding session at work today. For the afternoon session, the secretary had a brilliant idea to organize a DIY workshop. The office being such a stuffy and dull place, having a terrarium in one’s cubicle is an awesome idea. 43 more words

Personal Thoughts

DIY Terrarium Instructional Video

Clearly had WAAAAY too much time on my hands when I first got to China – friends birthday party was coming up and I was feeling crafty. 29 more words