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go make room for some greenie

Tanaman dan perkebunan hijau menghadirkan perasaan baik bagi jiwa kita. Paduan warna alam yang menyatu dengan sempurna, udara segar yang ringan, dan sedikit kelembaban yang dengan mudahnya menimbulkan perasaan tenang di antara rutinitas sehari-hari. 568 more words


DIY Pedestal Globe Candle Holder/Terrarium/Fish Bowl

This project was not complicated at all. I had a small silver vase from flowers given to me when I gave birth to our daughter and I purchased the small fish bowl from a local thrift shop for $.35. 80 more words


a winter's end ft. maxwell + williams

I’ve gotten really behind on this blog space. Like, months behind. Life has forged ahead in a barrage of late nights, early mornings, frozen dinners and lukewarm coffees consumed in a weak attempt to maintain sanity. 519 more words

Summer Gardening Projects for the Creative & Unique

Now that exams are all done and I’m no longer dying inside cramming, I try to enjoy the season before college starts up and I’m right back in the library for seemingly days at a time.  788 more words


Any Green Thumbs For Sale?

I really love making presents for others. Sometimes I come up with elaborate ideas that never gets completed because it’s just far too complicated and I can’t find the right materials so the idea just stays unfinished. 651 more words


Do-It-Yourself Live Moss & Frozen Flowers Terrariums

Initially I had thoughts of buying a simple Terrarium for love to place in his work desk, so his eyes can glaze at it during his break. 511 more words