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Day 28: A marimo terrarium

Okay, first off, I apologize for the atrocious bungling of this weekend’s posting. In my rather pathetic defense, my weekend was chock full of the local art fair and two weddings (the WORST) and out-of-towner guests and left me no sane moment to keep on top of my publishing (hence, my Sunday draft post that went up, sans picture, because I didn’t even have time to go pick up the referenced painting that day like I was supposed to). 332 more words

My Creations

Terrarium dla pająków

Są ludzie, którzy kochają szczurki, koty oraz różniaste słodkie zwierzaczki, ale są również jednostki, którzy opiekują się bardziej ciekawymi gatunkami między innymi jak ptaszniki. Opieka nad… 334 more words

Sappy for Succulents

My new obsession (besides cooking, eating, and gardening) is making succulent terrariums! I started collecting little cactus plants when we moved into our place and began sticking them in the flower beds. 211 more words

Mini terrariums

School is coming to an end and it’s time to make those teacher gifts. I thought it would be fun to make mini terrariums for my daughters teachers. 204 more words


DIY Terrarium

I will hold my hands up and say that I don’t usually dabble in any DIY projects and my weekends are usually spent buying myself things, eating food and watching Netflix. 435 more words


Encouraging Growth: Why Terrariums Are Great For The Primary Classroom!

No matter how much time children these days might spend inside on ipads, Playstations, or the internet, I would like to think that they remain curious about the world round them. 983 more words


Number Two (tee hee)

Sooooooooo….. Here we are again, a week has passed by and the weather has been truly British in its inescapable drizzleyness (made up word). I have met Australians, Belgians,Dutch and Croatians. 458 more words