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The 'Abuse of Power' Asteroid in Astrology

The name Atlantis can bring multiple images to mind – of mythical islands and modern day spacecraft among them – and for astrologers an archetype appears carrying ‘the abuse or misuse of power’ type of energy, and its position shows the place in a natal chart where the person feels ‘doomed’. 282 more words

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Is our consumer driven society eating itself?

I was inspired from a Terrence McKenna talk about how time is speeding up, a society hell bent on killing itself.

It made me think of consumerism. 264 more words

Energy Update Breathe into Higher Frequencies ~ Oct. 4, 2017

Whew! Moving is hard work…just picked up more boxes. If you need to move, call you local hospital and pick up their used boxes. This is a real money saver! 697 more words

When bad art is good!

We are human beings; we laugh at other people and at farts. We exist with brains that are programmed to respond, consciously or subconsciously to symbols such as sounds (farts, language, music etc) and of course to visual things such as shapes and colors. 1,602 more words

Art By Daz Lartist

Exploring everyday photographic routines through the habit of noticing

Eve Forrest, ‘Exploring everyday photographic routines through the habit of noticing’, pp.193-208, in:

Gómez Cruz, E., Lehmuskallio, A. (Eds.), 2016. Digital photography and everyday life: empirical studies on material visual practices. 1,089 more words


An Ocean of Ideas - Terrence Mckenna


“The thing about is that you always come out of it in great shape. Ken’s right, you feel better the day after than if you hadn’t done it. 333 more words