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The Dance is the Dance

Sometimes I get into these terrible funks when I’m working on something, and that’s fine, I mean, that’s part of it. Then I’ll see something or read something that pulls me out of it. 239 more words

Glitterball Planet

THC Book Club #1: The Archaic Revival

Hello Commons, how are the humans of Earth doing today? I hope you’re all doing well. I’d like to kick off a new species of postings that will be sporadically appearing on the Commons: The Hillside Commons (THC) Book Club. 842 more words

Rock extraterrestre: Bowie vs Bolan

Hubo una época donde el rock psicodélico y progresivo dejó de contar historias de magia, gnomos y viajes ácidos y comenzó a mirar hacia el espacio. 1,017 more words


Comments upon The Stoned Ape.

Hesiod over at Hesiod’s Corner made a comment about my
The Stoned Ape post, to which I am posting the following reply:

I hadnt considered that consumerist view upon this picture; it does make sense to it, and perhaps in a manner you may or may not be aware of.

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Enlightenment Mind Fuck

What is enlightened to me.

The certain realization that we might or might not be in control of our actions and emotions in response to this crazy thing called life. 276 more words

Living Life with Child-like Wonder

What if we all lived life the way children do. The innocent wonderment. The untainted affection untouched by a cold society. Unchanged by loved ones, friends, or life situations. 234 more words