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On the nature of virtual reality.

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Today’s post isn’t really regarding game design (except in an abstract way) and has to do more with the nature of video games themselves. 1,925 more words

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The Artist’s Task

On Saturday June 13th I did a talk at The Hive titled ‘The Artist’s Task’ as part of the final day of the ‘Freedom!’ exhibition. I was asked to do the talk after a conversation with one of the curators – … 225 more words


Fresh Quotes: Terrence McKenna

All the following quotes are by Terence McKenna
“The internet is light at the end of the tunnel…it is creating a global society”

“We need to interact with like-minded people throughout the world to establish the new intellectual order which will be the salvation of mankind.”

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Apocalyptic Paradoxes

Last night I went to see “Mad Max: Fury Road” — a surprisingly moving and powerful movie about traumatized people fleeing slavery in a world turned into a wasteland by a nuclear apocalypse and coming together to fight for liberation. 863 more words


Several friends pointing us towards this lately, and yeah, we’re feelin’ it. Never would have
believed in a million years that saxophone could be so successfully incorporated with… 100 more words

Terence McKenna - Reclaiming Our Birthright - Unplugging from Our False Reality - 3-11-15

Terrence McKenna

The Time Is Now…

Our culture, self-toxified by the poisonous by-products of technology and egocentric ideology, is the unhappy inheritor of the dominator attitude that alteration of consciousness by the use of plants or substances is somehow wrong, onanistic, and perversely antisocial. 261 more words