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LSD- A blissfully spiritual day without ego, consistent thoughts or judgment

Note : This is not an advocation of any kind of drug, merely a (brief) account of experience which I have tried to keep as honest and non-sensationalised as possible. 1,261 more words

Ayahuasca 2.0: Journeying to the Swampland of the Techie Soul

I live in Ulster County–hippie country–not far from a longstanding “Church of Ayahuasca,” where devotees take what they describe as life-altering psychedelic trips induced by drinking a precise mixture of… 278 more words


Licence of the lambs

I had a friend stay with me for a few days last week. I hadn’t seen him in years. He hasn’t aged much and weighs the same as he did when he was 21. 1,638 more words

Ben Trovato


Terrence Mckenna Had some pretty world confronting notions.

Breaking the 1000 Author Mark

Our Sonoma County Local Authors project continues to grow. With the discovery of a list of authors compiled back in 1994, Collections Development Librarian David Dodd was able to fill in a few blanks in the Sonoma County literary landscape and bring Community up to 1020 entries. 144 more words

Community (Local Authors)

The Apocalypse, pt. 1: Chainsaw Bats!

From the Old School Life in a Black Hole comics folder.

Because I didn’t feel like drawing today and I have a massive amount of these older ones. 25 more words

The Cosmic Giggle

You’ve just gotta laugh.

Lately I’ve been keenly aware of the tug of war between life affirming enthusiasm and soul sucking pointlessness which seems, I assume, to define the life of many creative people. 3,281 more words