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Today we went on a walk and went bowling! I really liked our walk today because I got to see the water and a totem pole! 49 more words

Terri by Sharon Srock

Terri is book two in the Women of Valley View Series by Sharon Srock and it is just as great as Callie and Pam (also in the series). 366 more words

Who is Terri? An Introduction.

The animal that I have chosen for my animal portfolio and blog is Terri. Terri, full name Terrible, is a one year old male canine of the Morkie breed. 972 more words


Hello I'm Terri! Welcome to Terri the Morkie!

Hello I’m Terrible a.k.a Terri! I’m an almost two year old male Morkie! Here is a blog all about me!

This is portfolio on my animal companion named Terri, short for Terrible. 94 more words


"Once Upon a Time"?

  Once upon a time…

That’s little too cliché for a fairy tale, huh?

So why, no matter how many times you hear it, does it pull us     into whatever story it’s about to start? 343 more words



Today at 365 we started with some stretches and then we went for a long walk to the batting cages. My goal was to hit 2 balls at the batting cages. 33 more words