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Modi, Poems and Aakar Patel's terrible journalism!!

Aakar Bekaar Patel – I have tried almost everything now. Have abused him, analyzed him loathed him…yet he seems to be growing…need some brahmaastra … 392 more words

BREAKING: iTWire's Varghese is terrible journalist, person

Remember a few weeks back, when we USians were still in the throes of election-induced political madness? Remember how Republican politicians kept saying just awful… 1,088 more words


Social Media In The Late 80s

Next to a heaving filofax, my phone was incessantly ringing on it’s designated wooden side table near the front door.

brrrp brrrp.


brrrp brrrp… 1,393 more words


Old shit from and old blog #1: 'KENDAL CALLED'

It began early, like all of these things. All events need an ‘eve’. We started with supplies, which are essential when out in the fields. A van was required to carry our stock so we rattled to a mass-market-mega-mart. 1,723 more words

Joe Soucheray is a Douchebag

I honestly had no idea who Joe Soucheray was other than that he appears on some billboards around town, but apparently he’s also an asshole and a bad writer who can’t do some simple research, show empathy of any kind or apparently have any appreciation for the arts. 395 more words

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