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October 25th, 2016

To catch the squirrel you have to become the squirrel…

Lost Terrier Mix in Larkspur, CA

This was posted by Cathy Marcoccio at the Lost and Found Pets of Marin/Sonoma County/Bay Area, Ca Facebook group:


Puppy With a Death Wish: Part 3, Tobee Going Apiary

You may remember that back in March, little Toby had his first encounter with a honey bee and got stung on the nose.  (This is a picture of my little boy as he battles both bee venom and Benedryl side effects.) 36 more words


Missing Terrier Mix in Willits, CA

This was posted by Sammy Glass at the Ukiah Lost/Found pets Facebook group: My daughters dog went missing last Sunday from the Della ave area in Willits if any info please call me 707-367-6460 she is a Black and Tan terrier mix her name is Sadie she has a brown leather collar on.


October 16th, 2016

Getting some rest after a busy weekend…

Pixie, Rey & I feel ill

Today has been an awful seizure day :(

I’ve had a few days just having spacey seizures, where I don’t feel too bad afterwards and come around fairly quick…today I had a BIGGIE. 249 more words