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Pet Painting #22 Malani

Tomorrow is a busy day of teaching cub scouts about insects and then having drinks with old friends, so here is one more for today.



Zachie decided he was going to be held while I was writing reports. With each keystroke he flipped my hand on his head and wagged his tail, lol So we decided to take Selfies instead, lol

Family(Bio And Step)

Raiden's progress & Blobber blog!

I’mma get the Blobber out the way first, because I know you’re all dying to know what a Blobber is ;)

It’s not called a blobber, I just started calling it that haha! 1,628 more words


Family portrait on the Farm

A set of photos to remember the farm before the family leave;

“The pictures are all amazing!! Thank you so much, I have no idea which ones to pick to go up on the wall!

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Shona Branigan Photography

Pet Painting #15 Bella Beth Von Coxburg

“Squirrel! Squirrel!”

Bella is a feisty little dog that loves to chase squirrels and geese. Don’t judge a tiny book by its cover, though. She was raised with German Shepherds, so you better not get between her and a bone. 121 more words