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The Hope Against Hope

If your life is in love with terror, then learn to hate life” — this is the message ‘they’ are trying to bathe our minds with… how much they’ll succeed, well, depends on us!

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It is terrorism but not "global" terrorism

Except posting a cartoon on Paris attack I have not posted anything on Paris killings.; neither changed my profile picture. Every life is precious and I feel the pain of those whose family members were killed. 266 more words

Why some Indians sympathized with a terrorist sentenced to death?

On12th March 1993, known as the Black Friday, a series of 12 bomb explosions took place, which killed 257 people, 713 people were injured and property of worth 27 crore was destroyed. 1,987 more words


Pakistan Day Parade

‎Pakistan Day Parade‬: ‪Pakistan‬ holds its first Republic Day parade in 7 years, full of flag-waving pomp and aerial military expertise. The parade, complete with a 31-gun dawn salute, was held amid tight security.


#AiyarTerrorLogic: Earth shakes when a big tree falls

Mani Shankar Iyer, staunch Congress Party man,  felt France deserved it. Google that reference – this sort of thought seems to be quite old in the Congress Party.

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