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Newly released emails contradict Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony

  The State Department has released the latest batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails and I know this is going to shock you but it would appear as if the former Secretary of State was not being totally honest when she testified in front of the Congress back in October. 381 more words


Toronto commuters use #illridewithyou to show support to muslim community

By Ashleigh Darrach

After a string of Islamophobic incidents locally and across Canada following the Paris attacks, Toronto public transit users are showing their support for the Muslim community. 374 more words

Humber News

Terrorism is not an ethnic trait – it’s a malady wrought by social, religious extremism

Some nations unwittingly provide the ways and means for terrorists to thrive

Every nation on earth has the potential to produce its own brand of terrorists and criminals. 499 more words

Germany's Plans to Take Down ISIS

As of November 30th, 2015, Germany supports the decision to fight ISIS. According to Germany’s top defense official, Germany could send 1,200 soldiers to the Middle East by the end of the year.  98 more words

On The Planned Parenthood Attack: White Terrorists Receive More Respect Than Slain, Black Teens

Law enforcement’s gentle treatment of anti-choice extremist Robert Dear is further evidence that #AllLivesMatter is a lie.

On November, 27, a Robert Lewis Dear opened fire on employees, patients and law enforcement officials at reproductive health care organization Planned Parenthood clinic in Denver, Colorado and led police in a subsequent 6-hour stand-off. 741 more words


Noble Truth and Terrorism

Put colloquially, the Buddha’s First Noble Truth is: Shit happens, we suffer and find life unsatisfactory. The rest of Buddhism is about accepting that truth and living with compassion for those to whom shit is happening. 628 more words