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Possible Vatican terror attack exposed

Italian authorities launched a “vast anti-terrorism operation” Friday, going after suspects associated with al Qaeda who allegedly had discussed a range of targets, including the Vatican. 424 more words

Canada's C-51 Bill

If you discount acts against indigenous peoples, there has been no act of terrorism in Canada for more than ten years. Of course, there are and will always been wicked people who commit crimes, but for many years Canada has avoided most of the criminal terrorism that has scarred the Middle East and affected Europe. 230 more words

Climate Change

Pak boat intercept: "Drop arms, stay still"

“Drop the arms into the water. Stay still.” This was the message that the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) picked up while tracking the boat from Pakistan which was intercepted at sea earlier this week. 57 more words


Японы ерөнхий сайдын дээвэр дээр нисдэг тэрэг буулгасан хүн баригдлаа

Японы ерөнхий сайдын албан газрын дээвэр дээр цацраг идэвхит бодис агуулсан жижиг оврын нисдэг тэрэгний эзэн өнөө өглөө (2015/04/25) баригдлаа. Хэрэгтэн 40 настай, ажилгүй, Фүкүи айтгийн Ямамото хэмээх хүн байсан бөгөөд баривчлагдах үедээ нисдэг тэрэгний удирдлага, элс барьсан байсан бөгөөд тухайн элсийг Фүкүшимагийн элс хэмээн тайлбарласан байна. Нисдэг тэргийг 4 сарын 9ний шөнө 3 цагт байрлуулсан ба Фүкүшима атомын цахилгаан станцын


Why This Liberal Can Live With Drones (David R. Schleicher)

Al Qaeda and its offshoots are a fact of modern life, as is the reality that they want you to die.

Consider these five options to respond: 487 more words

Iraqis to get American F-16s – but can they fly them?

The Iraqis are getting a batch of American F-16 fighter planes to run combat missions against the Islamic State, but questions remain over whether they can fly them. 741 more words

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