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Hero of War (Part 23)

A/N: Almost at the end; just a few more parts to go! :D

The weight of the paper in my hands immobilizes me. I look down at the envelope. 281 more words


U.S. Army needs over 200k more troops to face global threats (Second Coming Watch Update #847)


1. The U.S. Army’s chief of staff told lawmakers that the service would need another 220,000 soldiers before it could confidently handle major operations with emerging military foes around the world. 284 more words

End Times

The Soviet-Afghan War and the Defeat of the USSR: Part 1

By Yianni Bumaye

On Christmas Eve 1979, Soviet troops invaded Afghanistan in support of the pro-Soviet government in place. What many believed would be a short scuffle quickly turned into one of the most important conflicts in modern history, with far-reaching repercussions still being felt today. 734 more words


Similar to police department investigations that always find shootings "justified," DoD finds no serious wrongdoing in its one-hour attack on a hospital

The Department of Defense has carefully done its own investigation of its own war crime (an egregious and sustained attack on a Doctors Without Borders hospital that killed 24 patients, 14 staff members, and four caretakers. 581 more words


How Many Buses?

Ynet News reports –

Hamas hate rally glorifies exploded bus

At demonstration with Ismail Haniyeh in Gaza Strip, thousands cheered the military wing of Hamas; ‘We emphasize with blood, fire and rifle that nobody has the right to stand before the intifada and its people.’ 187 more words


Miller announces tighter security checks

Commanding Officer Joshua Miller has announced today that 30 more border agents will be assigned to protect Catan after recent threats have been made.

The MLF has seen a recent influx in it’s membership and has also made serious threats to life both UK bound and Catan.