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Hate Has No Ideological Boundaries

Wednesday’s attack on London’s Westminster Bridge has once again raised the specter of Islamic extremism and no doubt will unleash further animosity against Muslims living in the West. 391 more words

Is US Treatment of Muslims Creating Another Troubles?

With the passing of IRA leader and later Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness this week, thoughts naturally turn to the man’s place in history. 776 more words


This Week's Andrew Neil Delivers An Unshackled, Impassioned Monologue Following The London Attack On 22 March 2017

Following the terrorist attack on London on 22 March 2017, in which five people (including the terrorist) died, This Week‘s Andrew Neil took to the air to deliver a defiant, searing monologue aimed at the “jumped-up jihadis” attempting to terrorise Britain and break the will of the people.  77 more words


A forgotten 'suspect community'? Remembering the experiences of the Irish in Britain in the 1970s-80s

Two events this week have brought back the conflict in Northern Ireland to the attention of many, nearly twenty years after the Good Friday Agreement – the… 962 more words

Policing History

ΔΗΚΟ: Η τουρκική προκλητικότητα να προσγειώσει Αναστασιάδη, ΔΗΣΥ και ΑΚΕΛ

“Οι απειλές του τουρκικού Υπουργείου Εξωτερικών κατά του ενεργειακού σχεδιασμού της Κυπριακής Δημοκρατίας, αποκαλύπτουν για μια ακόμα φορά ότι οι πραγματικές προθέσεις της τουρκικής πολιτικής για την Κύπρο, είναι ο πολιτικός και στρατιωτικός έλεγχος της Κύπρου, με στόχο την εξυπηρέτηση των τουρκικών στρατηγικών συμφερόντων”, αναφέρει το ΔΗΚΟ.


Why the world is so afraid to use the word ‘terrorist’

Why the world is so afraid to use the word ‘terrorist’

By Gheula Canarutto Nemni

Dear world, did you really think pedestrians would be over run by cars only in Jerusalem’s streets? 415 more words

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