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Excerpt from Theory as Liberatory Practice by bell hooks

I love reading bell hooks, I love children, I love questioning the things that do not feel right. This is an excerpt from hooks’s Theory as Liberatory Practice… 380 more words


Aims and goals of Documentary

After my last course, Understanding Visual Culture, I am excited to be back on a practical course. UVC is a challenging but rewarding course which unfortunately left me with little time for photography. 978 more words

After Theory

Opening Lines: Sebastian Barry’s ‘A Long, Long Way’

I’ve recently been reading Terry Eagleton’s ‘How to Read Literature’. Terry Eagleton was once one of academia’s most interesting and, if you can believe it, entertaining writers on literary theory: a bullish Marxist who put the catholic into Roman Catholic. 1,338 more words


Is Materialism Compatible with Christianity?

Is Christianity compatible with Marxism or materialism?

According to Terry Eagleton, yes.

As far as religion goes, it is worth pointing out that there have been Jewish Marxists, Islamic Marxists, and Christian Marxists who champion so-called liberation theology.

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Terry Eagleton


“What is literature?” This is one question that has been raised so many times by so many different scholars and each time there has been a different opinion. 910 more words

Literary Theory

Shikand Gumani ( Doubt spelling )

The syllogistic simplicity of Anselm’s proof for God’s existence did not offer much amusement when I first encountered it. Perhaps a certain religiosity in early life does not allow for creative enough tweaking of such arguments. 627 more words

Stanley Fish, lawyer and literary critic, is in truth about as left-wing as Donald Trump. Indeed, he is the Donald Trump of American academia, a brash, noisy entrepreneur of the intellect who pushes his ideas in the conceptual marketplace with all the fervour with which others peddle second-hand Hoovers.

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