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Disenchantment is also a disempowerment

One of the best books of the year to come across my desk was Steve Fraser’s The Age of Acquiescence: The Life and Death of American Resistance to Organized Wealth and Power… 756 more words

Common Good

Response to: 'Terry Eagleton on Intellectuals v Academics'

Great passage as always from Eagleton. But one caveat. I would be inclined to apply the achingly noble title of ‘intellectual,’ rather than ‘scholar,’ to neoconservative and liberal interventionist professors who are essentially ‘useful clevers’ for the establishment. 276 more words


The humanities and state funding of higher education

Terry Eagleton penned an eloquent essay on the academic decline of British universities, especially in the humanities. A few passages:

Universities, which in Britain have an 800-year history, have traditionally been derided as ivory towers, and there was always some truth in the accusation.

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Modern World

Who wants to be free?

The Soul of the Marionette, John Gray, Allen Lane

Rarely does anyone say they don’t want to be free, but with the increasing pressure of a globalised world, talk of freedom has had a resurgence in recent years, whether from the Right, who see threats from radical Islamists and the overreach of government, to the Left, who see threats to freedom of speech and to freedom from global capitalism’s tendency to enslave the poor. 1,306 more words

Hello and Welcome!

The Kentucky Philological Association now has a blog!

Whether you’re a seasoned member, an interested academic, or a curious graduate student thirsty for publication, this blog is a great way to stay informed on past and current KPA research. 75 more words


Review: Eagleton's Figured of Dissent

Note this review was orginally written for a now long defunct livejournal.

Figures of Dissent: Reviewing Fish, Spivak, Zizek and Others

Terry Eagleton

I like Terry Eagleton well enough. 251 more words


social order window dressing

Capitalist modernity: instrumentalism, power, profit, material survival, management, manipulation, self interested calculation, private morality. Culture is for material production, decoration for the new material consumer social order, distraction during non work hours. 196 more words

Brave New World