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Is There Such A Thing As Moral Progress? John Gray’s Rejection of Humanism, Scientism, and Postmodernism

Aware of the evil in themselves, traditional believers know it cannot be expelled from the world by human action. Lacking this saving insight, secular believers dream of creating a higher species. 2,815 more words

The Persistence of God

In responding to the challenge of the New Atheism, my favorite writer and speaker is Terry Eagleton. I prefer him over Rowan Williams, who I think also actually did well, and by far over people like William Lane Craig who, in my opinion, is causing much more ridicules to our subject. 186 more words

Making Sense? Terry Eagleton's Materialism

Eagleton, Terry. Materialism. Yale UP. 2016.

 As regular followers of this blog know, I am rather fond of Terry Eagleton’s writing. This small volume—I suppose if I were being particularly precise I might call it a monograph—does not fail to meet expectations. 636 more words

Book Review

What do Friedrich Engels, Louis Althusser, Terry Eagleton, Kim Il Sung and Stalin have in common?

They all made the – often difficult – step from religious faith to Marxism. Engels, with his Reformed background and the strong religious commitment of his youth, set the initial example. 66 more words


The Materialist Philosophers (A Review)

Terry Eagleton is best known as a literary and cultural critic; his sharp pen and sharper wit combined with his erudite Marxist theory to take the Anglo-British academic world by storm. 631 more words

Media Reviews

Reason, Faith and Folly

Freudians and political radicals, along with a great many people who would see themselves as neither, are aware that without reason we are sunk, but that reason, even so, is not in the end what is most fundamental about us. 99 more words


Can We Get Beyond Language to A Material Reality? Eagleton’s Marxist Critique of Postmodernism and the Politically Correct Left

The Young-Hegelian ideologists, in spite of their allegedly “world-shattering” statements, are the staunchest conservatives. The most recent of them have found the correct expression for their activity when they declare they are only fighting against “phrases”. 7,832 more words