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Cultural Observation: Progress?

“The dream of untrammeled human progress is a bright-eyed superstition.” – Terry Eagleton, atheist

Newt Gingrich's Sharia Deportation Test

A friend pointed out Newt Gingrich’s Sharia Deportation Test to me:


I took the quiz. Result: I was told that Newt Gingrich is going to have me deported. 957 more words

We must also keep in mind, as I have written elsewhere, “the perversity of human desire, the prevalence of illusion and idolatry, the scandal of suffering, the dull persistence of oppression and injustice, the scarcity of public virtue, the insolence of power, the fragility of goodness and the formidable power of appetite and self-interest.” […] There are certain negative features of the human species which cannot be greatly altered.

– Terry Eagleton, On Evil (2010)


[A] purblind postmodern dogma holds that difference and diversity are always to be commended. No doubt this is often the case. But the blunt truth is that if the human race had been made up almost entirely of gay Latinos, with just a few heterosexual deviants thrown in here and there to keep the species ticking over, a great deal of mayhem and massacre would almost certainly have been avoided.

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Terry Eagleton on the death of God

That the death of God involves the death of man, along with the birth of a new form of humanity, is orthodox Christian doctrine, a fact of which Nietzsche seems not to have been aware.

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Theology Quotes


Nu există Dumnezeu. Înseamnă că putem face ce vrem“ (F.M. Dostoievski)

Omul l-a pronunțat pe Dumnezeu mort, de multe ori, doar ca pe urmă să se confrunte cu realitatea obiectivă că Dumnezeu refuză să moară, că e viu, și că El nu poate să moară, fiind nemuritor.  3,047 more words

God Bless America?


Well, it just goes to prove that the 2 persons who will be the major party candidates for POTUS are both criminally insane. But we have been aiming to get into this mess at least ever since 1953 when USA and UK overthrew Mossadegh, democratically elected leader of Iran, allowing the Shah and his criminal intelligence agency, SAVAK, to brutally rule, beginning the promotion of the virulent hatred that Islamic fundamentalists have for the USA. 286 more words