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The Fetishization of Experience

Recently I attended a lecture of the great British literary critic and public intellectual, Terry Eagleton. The title of the talk was, “Why God for Christians Is Good for Nothing.” Meandering, caustic, peppered with spicy critique, I enjoyed it.  1,011 more words

Ethical Questions

Literature as Somatic Metanarrative, or why I like pictures on the internet.

I often return to my Norton Anthology of Theory & Criticism for relaxing Sunday reading. (Ha! Just kidding. I often pick it up and try to read something “substantive” when I need to balance out the three or four hours I spent trolling Buzzfeed quizes and reddit r/funny .gifs the night before.) Anyway, one quote on theory that haunts me is from Terry Eagleton, from his discussion on the rise of English as an academic field. 672 more words


What does Diversity Versus Pluralism Even Mean?

Why did I write about the notion of ‘diversity versus pluralism?’ Isn’t pluralism the recognition of diversity in a concrete political embodiment?

This is where language gets slippery. 400 more words

Critique & Commentary

University: A new way of life - a documentary fiction

This is a short film I recently made with my friend and colleague, Brian Baker, about the neoliberal assault upon the university system. It is a documentary fiction, and is the product of conversations we have had about our experience of the destructive changes that have taken place within higher education in the UK since the 1980s, and also of the work that I have done recently on pedagogy and the politics of teaching Film Studies in universities. 66 more words

Terry Eagleton's introduction to Victor Kiernan's Eight Tragedies of Shakespeare

Terry Eagleton’s introduction to Victor Kiernan’s Eight Tragedies of Shakespeare is available to read on the Zed books blog.

The seventeenth century saw the brief flowering of tragic drama across Western Europe.

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William Shakespeare

suburbia plus dinosaurs

Idealist 1 (believes in perfect society) > Realist < Idealist 2 (supports the status quo)

The realist, wedged between two types of idealist, believes things will change no matter what, either for the better, or for the worse. 159 more words

Unseen World

Literary, My Dear Watson

I’ve noticed a trend in English classes during the first week or so of the course. The professor would smile knowingly, glance about the room, and ask the daring question: … 457 more words

ENGL 495