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The Sage and the Man of Letters

In Victorian England, the class of person we would probably call a public intellectual went by other names. Two such names were Sage and Man of Letters. 1,330 more words

What is literature?

Just re-reading Terry Eagleton’s ‘Introduction: What is Literature?’ (his introduction to Literary Theory: an Introduction) and liking some of the quotes. Some of the statements could be challenged (it was written 30 years ago), but the discussion remains interesting. 1,034 more words

Literary Resources

Terry Eagleton in conversation with Roger Scruton

What really divides the left and the right? To answer this question, Intelligence Squared brought together two giants of British intellectual culture for an ideological reckoning: Terry Eagleton, literary critic and long-time hero of the radical left, and Roger Scruton, right-wing philosopher who has written on everything from economic theory to literature, and architecture to wine. 22 more words

Cultural Theory

“Kundera also sees the angelic as a sphere in which there is too much meaning rather than too little.” – TERRY EAGLETON on the “angelic” as simply the moralist’s simplicity http://ift.tt/1c09QLS

“In much of his fiction, Milan Kundera sees the angelic as […] wide-eyed idealism and high-sounding sentiment. The angelic is full of moralistic rhetoric” – TERRY EAGLETON on the “angelic” as simply the moral majority’s ethics of the “good” http://ift.tt/1deA9Qa

#5 The Gods of Winter

The encounter with Dana Gioia’s ‘Can Poetry Matter?’ (1991) felt like a cosmic slap in relation to this project’s undertaking of following in the footsteps of a fellow poet. 1,137 more words

“‘The Law is the Law!’ ..The Law can retain ..authority only by being a resounding tautology, an empty signifier” – TERRY EAGLETON http://ift.tt/1PpnECa