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“Lévi-Strauss claims that objects in tribal societies may be assigned to a certain category not simply because they possess properties definitive of that class, but also on the basis of symbolic associations with existing members of the species. 60 more words

“When Jesus cries out in despair on the cross, demanding of his Father why he has forsaken him, he appeals to an Other which has become momentarily inscrutable.. 19 more words

For Students

British scholar Sara Ahmed writes in The New Inquiry (with a slightly earlier and very little different version on her own blog, feministkilljoys) an essay entitled “Against Students.” She starts out: 1,195 more words


“As we enter the epoch of modernity, the sublime is one name for the annihilating, regenerating power we have been investigating.” – ..The sublime allows us to blend a joy in our own cartoon-like unkillability with the contrary pleasures we can also feel free to embrace our own mortality – TERRY EAGLETON http://ift.tt/1NjWckC

“Sentimentalism is really a sympathy with one’s own act of sympathising” – TERRY EAGLETON http://ift.tt/1K5iDKl

“the Real ..is the unfathomable wedge of otherness at the heart of identity which ..because it involves desire.. prevents us from being truly identical with ourselves” – TERRY EAGLETON http://ift.tt/1H2gbU2

“This otherness at the core of our being, for which another name is desire, is as cruelly indifferent to our well-being as the Schopenhauerian Will” – TERRY EAGLETON http://ift.tt/1K3ZM28