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For I Have Sinned

Planning on going to my first Act of Reconciliation (Catholic confession) in 25 years.  Looking to rejoin The Church.  Possibly.  It had to be made right for my intellect.  72 more words

“the good is a screen which defends us against our own deathly jouissance” – TERRY EAGLETON on morality or “the good” as that which is only a fake ethical stance of avoiding the lack at the centre of subjectivity and the death drive as that which one cannot make sense of, that part of life that exceeds our control, that exceeds the realm of reason or of simple plannable pleasures. http://ift.tt/190wAtS

Get Lucky

All ends with beginnings
“Get Lucky”
Daft Punk
Random Access Memories (2013)

No one in their right mind would have thought the shot was any good when it departed the man’s club; no one reading the man’s card, later, would have thought it anything less than majestic.

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The only cure for terrorism is justice (though it may be too late) – Terry Eagleton

SEE – his 4 Yale lectures – http://vox-nova.com/2009/04/16/terry-eagletons-yale-lectures-on-faith-and-fundementalism/

Spiritual Development


Pierre Bordieu argues[i] that control is created and maintained through habitus. Habitus is a cultural unconsciousness through which social activity can be regulated and harmonised, but it is also an enslaving force. 221 more words


Terry Eagleton – The Gatekeeper

It’s Terry Eagleton’s  72nd birthday today so in his honour we’re repeating a post from our previous blog on his memoir The Gatekeeper (Allen Lane, 2001) 532 more words


The Parameters for a Character's Existence

In Terry Eagleton’s How to Read Literature, he examines the existence of fictional characters. First looking at an excerpt from Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Eagleton examines the characters of Theatre: 363 more words