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What is Literature?

In his essay, What is Literature? that was published in Literary Theory:An Introduction (1983), Terry Eagleton seeks to define literature as he argues that for literary theory to exist, there must also exist a category of literature with some essential characteristics. 1,818 more words

Highlights from a summer of reading: the rest...

I promised some miscellaneous bits from my summer reading to finish. So, in no particular order…

A scattering of essays:

Lives in Writing, David Lodge – this is hard to categorise because it’s not, as it might first appear, about people who write. 496 more words

Book Reviews

Culture Wars

There is no crisis of culture, this being a very poor and fatigued description of the mechanisms and social practices we are currently experiencing under the dome of late capitalism. 62 more words


The Social Unconscious in the Study of Religion 

This brief analysis will be directed towards professor of English Literature, Terry Eagleton’s brief work on the concept of the social unconscious within his larger work… 411 more words


Reflections on the 2017 Philip Larkin Exhibition at Hull

The Guardian (July 4, 2017) features a review of a favorite poet of mine, Philip Larkin, in connection with a current exhibit of Larkin artifacts at Hull’s Brynmore Jones Library, where he was a librarian for many years. 823 more words


The Cult of Inclusivity

A concern with pluralism, difference, diversity and marginality has yielded some precious gains.  But it has also served to displace attention from various more material issues.   217 more words

Terry Eagleton

Culture, Commodity, and Inclusion

The breaking down of cultural hierarchies is clearly to be welcomed.  For the most part, however, it is less the upshot of a genuinely democratic spirit than an effect of the commodity form, which levels existing values rather than contesting them in the name of alternative priorities.   159 more words

Terry Eagleton