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Kirk Kerkorian's Legacy: A Mainstream Feature About The Armenian Genocide

EXCLUSIVE: What a fitting legacy for Kirk Kerkorian. Because of the late Armenian mogul, the first mainstream film about the genocide of Armenians at the hand of the Turks has finally been produced in Hollywood. 1,472 more words

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Toronto Film Review: 'The Promise'

“Our revenge will be to survive, and have children,” rallies the mayor of an Ottoman city whose Armenian population is targeted for annihilation in Terry George’s “The Promise.” And he might add, “… and one day, to make movies,” since that is ultimately what “The Promise” is about: Aiming to do for the 1915 Armenian Genocide what “Doctor Zhivago” did for the Russian Revolution, this sweeping romantic epic dramatizes a dark chapter in history so often denied and so seldom depicted onscreen — and yet, the events being considered deserve better than a sloggy melodrama in which the tragedy of a people is forced to take a back seat to a not especially compelling love triangle. 1,127 more words


"Fan Pens", Gender Inequity And Armenian Genocide In 'The Promise' Bring New Problems To Toronto

On Monday morning, The Birth Of A Nation is gone from the Toronto Film Festival (at least until a last screening on Saturday), and there’s finally time for somebody else’s problems. 595 more words

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THE PROMISE (2016): New Trailer From Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale, Charlotte Le Bon...

Starring Christian Bale, Oscar Isaac and Charlotte Le Bon, the backdrop of The Promise is the last days of the Ottoman Empire/ the Armenian genocide; whilst at the heart of the movie is a love triangle. 170 more words


'Hotel Rwanda's Terry George Looks At Armenian Genocide With 'The Promise': Toronto Q&A

The last time he introduced a hot button film at the Toronto Film Festival on a genocidal campaign, Terry George infused Hotel Rwanda with the momentum it needed to break through and make a global impact. 3,743 more words

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‘The Promise’ Trailer: The Director of Hotel Rwanda Brings You A Historical Drama

Directed by Terry George (Hotel Rwanda), this film is set during the Armenian Genocide. An Armenian medical student (Oscaar Isaac) and an American journalist ( 32 more words