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April 9th - Terry Jacks at No. 1 - "Seasons in the Sun"

In 1974, #TerryJacks was No.1 with Seasons in the Sun.  My mums favourite!  #Singing #Feelgood

Seasons in the Sun

Goodbye to you my trusted friend… 433 more words

Feel Good

„Seasons in the Sun”, când copia bate originalul

Mai zilele trecute am avut plăcerea să-l intervievez pe cunoscutul realizator de emisiuni, producător și comentator muzical Andrei Partoș (interviul va putea fi citit în prima decadă a lunii aprilie, în revista Ilfov Sport, dar și pe site-ul ilfovsport.ro sau pe bloggul meu). 1,390 more words


Memory Lane

My last post started me on a path through a number of songs from my childhood.  In the comments, I mentioned one of them to Carrie Rubin. 185 more words

Music Monday: 1974

Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks was the number two song according to the list Top 100 Songs of 1974. I chose it because I remember it being one of my favorites. 24 more words

Dawn M. Miller

The wisdom of pop songs - Tearjerkers vol. 1

The human condition explained in three-minute bursts

The history of pop music is strewn with the dead flowers of broken romances, because that is what makes songwriters want to share their feelings with us. 744 more words

The Arts

Day 31 (03/01/16)

Its a very dreary Sunday here in the United Kingdom. There is very little that can be done whilst the wind is howling and the rain is falling but wrap up under a blanket with a warm cup of tea and listen to some warming music. 55 more words


Poppy Family - Where Evil Grows (1971)

Slow-burning psych from Vancouver’s Poppy Family. Quick intro from a young Kenny Rogers.