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Survivors by Terry Nation

In a matter of a few weeks a virus has spread across the entire planet, killing off almost all of the human population. The remaining survivors are in a silent world with no electricity or society or infrastructure. 559 more words

Science Fiction

DVD review - 'Destiny of the Daleks' (Doctor Who)

Hello everyone! :)

Today, I have posted my DVD review of ‘Destiny of’ the Daleks’, starring Tom Baker as the Doctor and Lalla Ward as Romana! 69 more words

Doctor Who

The Feast of Steven

For many years it was a popularly held fan-myth that Nation and Spooner had penned alternate episodes of DMP – each installment ending on a “now get out of that” cliffhanger for the other one to deal with. 643 more words


Counter Plot

Back in the 1990’s I didn’t have a particularly high opinion of The Daleks Master Plan – which wasn’t really surprising as I only had access to the (then) two existing episodes ( 670 more words


The Traitors

Katarina’s death is a bit of a shocker.  Everything’s been set up to suggest that she’s now firmly a regular, so her sudden demise (sucked out of the airlock with Kirksen) certainly catches the attention and helps to reinforce the impression that the stakes in this story are high (as we’ll see, other allies will also perish before we reach episode twelve). 549 more words


Devil's Planet

After being little more than comic relief during The Chase, it’s good to see that the Daleks have regained their ruthless streak – which is highlighted when they question the hapless Zephon. 344 more words