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Now this is what I call Doctor Who. Not that I didn’t like “An Unearthly Child,” but “The Daleks” set the template for what we have come to know and love about the show. 303 more words


7 Days of Classic Who: The Daleks

In 1963, Doctor Who was grasping in the vortex for its identity. Terry Nation stepped up and supplied one. Was it the right one?

“The Daleks” is largely credited for being the serial that is responsible for Doctor Who‘s longevity. 725 more words

Science Fiction

Out of the Unknown: ‘The Fox and the Forest’ BBC2 22 November 1965

This is the first episode not to have survived (apart from its credits sequence). It is an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s 1950 story, originally published in… 666 more words


Know Your History - 9th March - Terry Nation

On this day…

9th March 1997, Terry Nation died

Terence Joseph “Terry” Nation (8 August 1930 – 9 March 1997) was a Welsh television writer and novelist. 478 more words

Know Your History

Out of the Unknown: ‘Time in Advance’ (BBC2 1 November 1965)

This episode is based on ‘Time in Advance’ (Galaxy 1956) by William Tenn, the pseudonym of Philip Klass, UK-born but US-resident since childhood. He published only one novel, … 1,160 more words