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Doctor who: Planet of the Daleks -- motion picture review

Written by Terry Nation.

Planet of the Daleks is Nation and Doctor Who collaborating their spirits to create exactly what they both want: a great adventure serial.  931 more words

David Whitaker

What if Peter Cushing Had Played The Doctor: A Look at Dr. Who And The Daleks

When the long-running British science fiction show Doctor Who premiered over 50 years ago, it was originally envisioned as being a serialized educational program for children.  1,129 more words


Survivors - A Beginning

There’s yet another crisis at the community.  The seeds that they received in exchange for the petrol turn out to be useless and this disappointment is another blow for Abby and Greg.  636 more words


Survivors - Something of Value

Another stranger, Robert Lawson (Matthew Long), pays a visit to the Grange.  He stays the night and leaves the next day, but before he goes he clearly notices the petrol tanker in the courtyard (left by Donnie in the previous episode, … 397 more words


Survivors - The Future Hour

The arrival of Laura (Caroline Burt) and Norman (Denis Lawson) spells danger for everybody.  After the death, Laura formed a relationship with a man called Bernard Huxley (Glyn Owen).  662 more words


Survivors - Garland's War

Abby’s quest for her son continues to be fruitless and the latest lead is possibly the cruelest blow yet.  Abby, Greg and Jenny travel to an isolated farmhouse because they’ve heard that a boy lives there.  797 more words


Survivors - Gone Away

The opening ten minutes or so of Gone Away are a good example of the leisurely pace of television drama from the mid seventies.  We follow Tom Price as he explores a deserted farmhouse in search of food.  799 more words