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Movie Reviews 101 Midnight Horror - And Soon the Darkness (2010)

Director: Marcos Efron

Writer: Jennifer Derwingson, Marcos Efron (Screenplay) Brian Clemens, Terry Nation (Original Screenplay)

Starring: Amber Heard, Odette Annable, Karl Urban, Adriana Barraza, Cesar Vianco… 500 more words


The Dalek World review

I was lucky enough to be given a copy (somewhat battered) of¬†The Dalek World for Christmas. If you get a chance, it’s worth a read. 176 more words

Doctor Who

40 years of "Blake's 7"

Blake’s 7 first broadcast 40 years ago today. Created by Terry Nation, this SF classic told the story of Roj Blake, who fought with a motley crew of criminals and idealists against the sinister Federation. 183 more words

Science Fiction

1.1 The Way Back

Episode 1: The Way Back

Original Airdate: 2nd January 1978

Written by: Terry Nation

Directed by: Michael E. Briant

On this day in 1978 Terry Nation, the man that gave the world Doctor Who’s most famous villains the Daleks, brought a new science fiction series to the BBC. 982 more words


Doctor Who: Death to the Daleks (part four)

Well, that was about as bad as I remembered. Like all of the many Doctor Who stories that fumble, this one has a couple of neat concepts in it. 154 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Death to the Daleks (part three)

As we suffer through this Christmas turkey, we’d like to say thanks for reading, we hope you’re having a great holiday, and I hope you all found several classic films and TV shows under your tree! More to come later!

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: Death to the Daleks (parts one and two)

I’ve always been one of those insufferable list-makers. Five favorite Miles Davis records, all the Bond films best to worst, make one last Beatles LP with tracks from their first couple of solo albums, and, inevitably, the five worst… 500 more words

Doctor Who