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LOOKING FOR TELOS – The Daleks’ Master Plan (part 2/2: episodes 7 to 12)

The Whoniverse is wide, and rich, and crazy.

And sometimes, bits of it go overlooked. There’s no way around it, we, at DoWntime, are children of the New Series. 4,924 more words

Looking For Telos

Imperial fiction: The Half-Hearted

He felt no melancholy. Rather it was the immortal gaiety of the wanderer, to whom the homeland is dearest as a memory, who pitches his camp by waters of Babylon and yet as ever the old word on his lip, the old song in his ear, and the kindly picture in his heart.

4,299 more words

A13 Orac

Last time on Blakes 7: Everyone was talking about Orac. But what is Orac? On this day 40 years ago we found out exactly what an Orac is in the explosive finale of the first series! 1,058 more words


Doctor Who: The Android Invasion (parts three and four)

Good grief, what a mess. The only reasons to watch the second half of this story are to see Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen rising way above the material with wit and charm and sparkles in their eyes, and to say goodbye to Ian Marter and John Levene, who make their final appearances here. 743 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who: The Android Invasion (parts one and two)

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books? Well, when I was in middle school, several of us were making our own sort-of versions of these. 883 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who - The Keys of Marinus. Episode Six - The Keys of Marinus

It’s fair to say that the whodunit mystery in this episode and the previous one is hardly of an Agatha Christie level. Barbara, Altos and Sabetha decide to speak to Aydan’s wife Kala to see if she knows anything. 446 more words

Doctor Who

Doctor Who - The Keys of Marinus. Episode Five - Sentence of Death

The search for the final micro-key takes place over the course of the next episode and a half (this extra time allows for a slightly more involved plot). 494 more words