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Tamriel Rebuilt - Fields of Helnim Trailer

The Fields of Helnim, a landscape of gently rolling hills and plains in eastern Morrowind, are a welcome reprieve for the weary traveler. Occupying a small stretch of land between the Boethian and Mephalain Mountain ranges, the Fields of Helnim are one of the more populated regions of eastern Morrowind, with a landscape settled by peaceful farms and plantations, with larger towns and cities dotting the coastline. 303 more words


Oblivion Modding Interviews - Zaldir

Today we’re unveiling the first episode of Oblivion Modding Interviews, a new series where we’ll be interviewing modders from around the community!

In our very first interview, we’re talking with Zaldir, the Project Lead behind Kvatch Rebuilt, and the author of a number of other popular mods such as Viking Village, Creature Diversity, and Populated Prisons. 153 more words


Morrowind Modding Showcases - Episode 37

Today with Episode 37 of Morrowind Modding Showcases, we’re marking the one year anniversary of MMS on YouTube! In the last year, we’ve made over 100 videos, showcased over 500 mods, and started new competitions and events for the community! 230 more words


Which books should children have read before they finish primary school?

A recent BBC article focused on a list of must-read novels for children before they leave primary school. The list was selected by 500 teachers for the… 378 more words

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Province: Cyrodiil - Echoes of Stirk Trailer

A sad reminder of past ages of glory, the isle of Stirk, one of the many outlying holdings of the Empire, is but a shell of a once prosperous town. 242 more words


Enough research? The right research?

Complaining is such a satisfying thing to do. Sometimes, anyway. I caught the tail end of something Lucy Coats said on Facebook, and which I feel entitled to mention here as she tweeted it at TES, making it public. 350 more words