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Great Expectations - What can you expect when you teach ESL abroad?

Are you planning on teaching English abroad? Here’s some things you need to think about before you accept that position.

There are times in our lives where we have the opportunity to try new things and take off on an adventure.

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5 Types of Classes You'll Have as an EPIK Teacher

5 Types of Classes You’ll Have as an EPIK Teacher

Every class I teach has a distinct personality which is the puzzling combination of all 30 something personalities in the room. 1,653 more words


The Prospects of ASASI TESL (UiTM) - 2018/2019

I know this post is quite late. I mean UPU will be closing this 10th of April. Well I don’t mind that. I mean mind can change at any second. 1,302 more words


Changes to the Public School ALT system starting in 2018

In spring of 2011, 5th and 6th grade elementary school students in Japan began studying “Foreign Language Activities” or English conversation lessons.

Starting in April of this year, third and fourth grades will join them (at the rate of 15 lessons a year), with an increase in the number of lessons (up to 50 this year; 75 by 2020) for the older students. 505 more words

Living In Japan

On Leaving

Photo by Sanjeevan SatheesKumar on Unsplash

The position was meant to be something new to try out, to add some freshness into my PD experience. Fast forward three years, and the job of Twitter Manager for TESL Ontario is much more than that and still interests me. 597 more words


Ten Bloods - An ongoing Guide to TESL Tournaments

“I greet you, Chosen One! A victory in my Tournament of Ten Bloods brings great honor.” -Boethia

Any TCG, LCG,  or CCG worth it’s salt is going to have tournaments.  812 more words



Note: This is the second in a series of articles focused on foundational skills needed in being an English language instructor.

I think I was about six when my mom decided we needed a piano.

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