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First session for TESL

So, the first session went according to schedule and gave me time to start afresh and come down on my level to someone, who is an adult with some or zero English but would like to know it. 704 more words


Bar VS Bar

I have learned a few things since being in Italy. I have kept my eyes open and been rather observant. “Bar” in Italy means something completely different than it does in America. 46 more words

Tips for Teaching Absolute Beginners in English Anywhere

After teaching fluent speakers and writers of English, I must say that teaching absolute beginners of English is another ballgame altogether. For starters, absolute beginners are those who have no idea of the English language and could not string together a complete sentence. 1,009 more words


Cultures & Languages of my Life

a. Cultures of my Life
I am Serbian-Croatian-Irish-Scottish-Aboriginal-German-Quebecois-Canadian. My father and Grandfather were born in Serbia and my Grandmother was born in Croatia. My father’s grandfather was born in Germany. 819 more words



I’m almost done with module 1 and I’ve learned a lot. One thing that will stick with me (but has little to do with the course materials) is a FAQ I found on the… 152 more words

And We Have A Timeline!


We finally have some more details!! We’ll begin training July 1st and our placement will be in the Chubu region of Japan. While the departure date is later than we initially expected it does give us plenty of time still to organize our lives here and get everything sorted. 117 more words



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I am not a conspiracy theorist. I do not think there is some global coverup or that the sky is falling and no one knows it, but there is one area in which I do think we need to be more careful; that is the area of personal data. 1,136 more words