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Carolyn L. Kessler, SP, Ph.D.

Title: TESL Linguistics Professor Emeritus
Company: University of Texas at San Antonio
Location: San Antonio, TX United States

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A Loanword Approach to the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Korea: Exploring the Effectiveness of a Multimedia Curriculum. ISBN: 978-1-925555-02-08.
By David Kent… 217 more words

Applied Linguistics

some ramblings on fluency/bilingualism

It’s classic – you click on someone’s profile that deals with language or even just travel and you come to the ‘Languages’ section. I’ve gotten to the point I don’t even really look anymore. 551 more words


The Elder Scrolls: Legends Review

In a world where every online TCG (trading card game) is trying to be the next ‘Hearthstone’ in levels of popularity ‘The Elder Scrolls Legends’ (TESL) is both similar yet different from it. 1,797 more words

Elder Scrolls Legends

It’s about that time…

I was looking back at all my blog posts so far and I can proudly say the growth is evident. My pride is based on humble intentions, the credit does not belong to me, we give thanks to the most High for providing me with the tools to tap into my full potential. 1,405 more words


Day 2 - Youth Leaders & Volunteerism #AYVPUKMPhilippines2016

Magandang Gabi! (Tagalog for good evening.)

I feel like it is very appropriate to put this video to start my post. This video definitely struck a chord inside. 632 more words


Day 1 - ASEAN and Youth #AYVPUKMPhilippines2016

Whaddup people!

I promised I will try to update daily right? But alas, today is my 7th day here (a free day), and I will try my best to try and summarise everything for each day or worse comes to worst, each week. 612 more words