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3 Steps Self-Employed ESL Teachers Can Take To Protect their Income

One of the worst things about being a self-employed ESL teacher is feeling like your income is on a giant yo-yo. One month your up, the next your down and the culprit is often students cancelling. 582 more words


3 Ways to Use LinkedIn To Get Company ESL Clients

When you think of growing your freelance ESL business, what do you think of? If the first thing that comes to mind is ‘company classes’ then I bet you have also discovered that catching corporate clients is far easier to say than do. 675 more words


How to Plan So You Can Grow Your Freelance ESL Business

Your planning routine could be a reason why you’re not seeing the growth in your freelance ESL business that you’re looking for.

What broken planning looks like: … 1,022 more words


Blogging and the Immigrant Experience

Here’s my debut for Teaching Tolerance: Blogging and the Immigrant Experience.

When I teach my adult English language learners, I often tell them my story of arriving to Canada and learning a new language at the age of 11. 71 more words


The Pre China stress

I meant to post this about 1 year ago but for some reason never got round to it. So I’ll post it now, just before I post a large summary of my experiences in China the last year. 944 more words


A Myth every Self-employed ESL Teacher Must Bust to Succeed

There is a powerful myth that sits quietly on your shoulders right now if you are a self-employed ESL teacher. You can’t see it, but you can feel it and hear it if you listen carefully. 1,299 more words


Phrasal Verbs: Ch. 6 Review

boil down to, come down with, come up with, get around to, get out of (1, 2, 3), go back on, go through with, monkey around with… 219 more words