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How to Grow Your ESL Business With Your Course Materials

You don’t always need to be networking or speaking face to face with someone to be selling your services as a self-employed ESL teacher. The quality and style of the course material you use can help you sell even when you’re not there. 760 more words


Ten things I love about teaching in China

  1. The students

    Ok, that’s obvious. If I didn’t like the students, I definitely wouldn’t be doing this. What’s nice about teaching abroad is that, just because you’re sort of a curiosity to the students, you have an easier starting point in getting the students to like and listen to you.

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Highlights, Challenges, and Lessons Learned during my First Two Weeks of Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

Highlights from My First Two Weeks of Teaching ESL

  • Finding out the English name of one of my students is Blockbuster (Yes, you read that correctly.
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How to Present Your Service to a Prospect

In our last post we talked about being nervous before you pitch your ESL teaching services to a prospect. We agreed it was good to be nervous as long as you used those horrible feelings to help you focus on your prospect, and not yourself! 407 more words


How Self-employed ESL Teachers can Overcome Nervousness and Pitch Their Services Successfully

Myth: I suck as an entrepreneur because I always feel scared or nervous before I pitch my services to a prospect.

Truth: There are people out there who eat presentations, sales, cold calling etc, for breakfast. 514 more words


New Technologies in TEFL #2 Podcast and Podcasting

Dear Readers,

Today’s topic is about podcasts and podcasting, have you heard about it? Are you an active user of podcasts?

As McCarty said “In recent years, Internet audio has greatly increased in popularity”, and podcasts are one of the digital audio files which are accessible to everyone. 473 more words


Back at the Crossroads - The Arrival

Leaving Okotoks felt much harder this year. When we came to Crossroads Discipleship Training School at YWAM Kona as students, last year, it was an adventure that was about our own pilgrimage. 572 more words