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Hi. It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. I’ve missed you. I hope you are all doing well. Me? I’ve been busy with new jobs, none of which are in the classroom. 1,511 more words

A Weekend in Khun Yuam

I have just returned from a weekend in Khun Yuam.

It was just what I needed.

Back at the beginning of January, before I had left for my village, I met an American who had married a Karen lady 30 years ago. 487 more words


It's all about the word.

New website mainly for language teachers. Hoping to generate discussion and share ideas on what is current in EFL.

Stay posted.

Getting a TESL

aka Rosie gets sentimental about her TESL Practicum week

Up until a year or so ago, you technically could apply and be admitted to the EPIK program without any sort of qualification above a Bachelor’s Degree.   1,201 more words

Teaching in Spain Update: BEDA & Auxiliares

As of January 12th, the applications for the Auxiliar de Conversacion program have opened, and I’ve already run into my first problem: a recommendation letter that I requested a couple of months ago isn’t done yet. 342 more words

what teaching has taught me (so far)

Teaching is a huge undertaking. I have felt pressure during these months that I didn’t expect to feel. It wasn’t just a pressure to live up to my own standards of what a job well done means, but a pressure outside of myself. 522 more words


Becoming an Auxiliar de Conversación Part 1: CV and Profex

Hey everyone! I’m currently working on my application to the Auxiliares de Conversación program, which is a program run by the Spanish government that allows recent grads from Canada or the USA to live and work in Spain for a year while teaching English (or French) in public schools across the country. 881 more words